MU Mechanical Engineering (Semester 8)
Industrial Engineering & Management
May 2014
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Any four
1(i) Explain any four
Classification plant layout techniques.
5 M
1(ii) Type I and Type II error
5 M
1(iii) Ergonomics
5 M
1(iv) Why does a capable manufacturing process give defects?
5 M
1(v) Therbligs and its uses
5 M
1(vi) Waste management
5 M

2(a) The following data refers to the study conducted for an operation.Table shows actual times for element in minutes
Elements Cycle (Minutes)
1 2 3 4
1 2.5 2.1 5.3 2.6
2 5.5 5.6 5.3 5.7
3 2.3 2.0 2.1 2.2
4 2.1 2.1 2.5 2.5

Element 2 is machine element ,br>Consider the observation as abnormal and delete the same if they are more than 20% of average time of the element.
Take performance rating as 120
Assume following allowance:
Personal allowance=30minutes in a shift of 8 hours
Fatigue allowance=15%
Estimate the standard time of operation,normal time and work content.
10 M
2(b) Discuss in detail why work study valuable for production management.
15 M

3(a) A component s finished by a machining process.The size specified is 14.42± 0.42.sample were taken to study process capability.The detail are as follows;
No.of samples=25
\[\Sigma \sqrt{X} =360.40
&sigma R=8.82
Sample size=5
For sample size n=5,A2=0.58.D3=0,D04=2.11 and d2=2.326 if the process in statical control;
Control limit on X and R chart
Process capability
Comment on the ability of the process to produce items within specification.
5 M
3(b) What is CpK/Give expression for the same.Comment on process when:
1 CpK<1
5 M

4(a) Define ERP and discuss the modulus of Erp.
15 M
4(b) ERP system in India.
5 M

5(a) An assembly linre producing electric motors has five workers and must complete the tasks given below:
Task Preceding



A None 10
B None 24
C A 17
D A 49
E C 12
F C 14
G B 27
H E 9
I F,G 20
J D,H,I 23
K I 36
L J,K 18

Draw a precedence diagram.
What is the theoretical minimum (target)cycle time,if all the five workers are fully utilized in a five station assembly line?
Group the tasks in to the most efficient five station assembly line
What is the cycle time
What is the balance efficiency?Assume 8 hrs per day available and 450 electric motors produced per day.
15 M
5(b) Define value engineering and discuss the steps of value engineering.
5 M

6(a) Define Industrial engineering and discuss the role of industrial engineer in I.E
10 M
6(b) Define productivity and discuss the various productivity techniques.
10 M

any four
7(i) Write short notes on any four:
Various elements of ERP architecture
5 M
7(ii) lean manufacturing.
5 M
7(iii) Distinguish n=between MRP I and MRP II
5 M
7(iv) Mergers and acquisitions of business enterprises
5 M
7(v) Distinguish between MRP II and JIT
5 M

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