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How to earn Stupidsid credits?

1. Solve Papers:
Write answers to previous question papers and earn Stupidsid credits for every accepted answer. You earn credits proportional to the marks allotted to that question. So while a 2 mark question will earn you 20 credits, a 10 mark one will get you 100 credits.
2. Viva Questions and Answers:
You can post Viva Questions with their Answers to earn 20 Stupidsid credits for every accepted set of Q & A.
3. Thank Yous and Upvotes
All your solved answers and viva questions are open to feedback from users. When users Upvote your answer or say a Thank You you keep earning more credits.

Benefits as a writer

As a contributor, you don't have to pay for products on the website. You can directly redeem them for credits (1 Stupidsid credit is equivalent to 1 INR on our portal). Make great quality content accessible to students, in major cities and towns at a nominal cost. If you know it well, you have all the reasons to explain concepts to your peers. Knowledge increases when shared. You're constantly involved with the subject and updating your own knowledge with others. All the content is curated and critiqued by the students using them, so it ensures an unbiased quality control keeping the community clean at large. Rather than solving a question; teach them the concept through the questions. Don't just give a solution - teach them how to solve it. Earn infinite good karma for teaching and helping students. You also receive "Thank You" from students who love your answer as a token of appreciation. Your juniors benefit from the content you create, and you get to access material your seniors have created.

Get recognized with a certificate.

When you're mad about teaching and sharing knowledge, we're going to help you show that to the world. Depending upon your submission (and its acceptance) we would send you a beautifully designed certificate signed by stupidsid founders, which mention your contributions towards one particular or multiple subjects. So be a Technical writer (requires 1000 credits) or a Subject matter expert (requires 1000 credits from one subject). We suggest be both! :) certified.png Good Luck. Hope you have a great experience of teaching young students on stupidsid. In case you're lost, let us help you around - How to write great answers! How to use the answers Editor. How to make great diagrams. If you still want to get in touch with us, do write to us at study[at] Our moderators would help you out personally. Hope to see you teaching our readers through this medium soon! Good Luck.