MU Mechanical Engineering (Semester 8)
Industrial Engineering & Management
May 2013
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Any four
1(a) Write short note on the following:
Principle of value engineering
5 M
1(b) lean manufacturing.
5 M
1(c) Cost of quality
5 M
1(d) Role of industrial engineer
5 M
1(e) Symbol used for chart of method study
5 M
1(f) Evolution of ERP
5 M

2(a) What is productivity? List the influencing productivity.Also write various techniques of increasing productivity.
10 M
2(b) During manufacturing of a part a certain quality characteristic is measured and X bar and R values are compound.Following are the detail σX bar =360.40 and Σ R =8.82
Subgroup size 5 and there are 25 subgroup.If the specification limits are 14.42 ± 0.42 and if the process is in control.calculate-
Process capability
Control limit on \[\bar{x}\] and R control charts
Comment on the process
Cp and CPK
For n=5,A2=0.58,D3=0,D4=2.11,d2=2.326
10 M

3(a) Define value engineering.What are the steps involved in value analysis?
10 M
3(b) Define method study.What are its objectives?How job is selected for method study?
10 M

4(a) The observed time the performance rating for four elements are given,calculate the standard time assuming rest and personal allowances as 18% of basic time.
Element Observed Time Ratings
1 0.40 90%
2 0.16 85%
3 2.4 95%
4 2.95 98%
10 M
4(b) Define ergonomics.What are its objectives?
10 M

5(a) A company manufactures mixers for household use.The assembly line of factory has a number of tasks to be performed according to the precedence requirements given in table
Task Precedence Task time(min)
A - 4
B - 2
C - 5
D A,C 3
E D 4
F D 2
G B,E,F 3
H G 2

A company intends to set up an assembly line to produce 80parts per 8hours shifts Balance the assembly line and find:
Efficiency of line
Draw precedence diagram
Find desired cycle time
Calculate theoretical number of workstation.
10 M
5(b) What are characteristic features of JIT?Discuss it.
10 M

6(a) Describe various guideline for implementation of ERP.List various modules.
10 M
6(b) What are the tangible and intangible benefits for ERP implementation/
5 M
6(c) Explain trends in ERP system
5 M

7(a) Define time study.Explain various steps involved in method study.Also describe time study equipments.
10 M
7(b) Explain type I,type II error.
5 M
7(c) Explain various to be considered while selecting location of plant site.
5 M

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