MU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Communication Skills
December 2014
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 (a) Discuss the importance of body language in face-to-face communication.
3 M
1 (b) Why should one use a courteous and positive tone in a business letter?
2 M
1 (c) Classify the following statements as instruction, caution, warning and note:
1. Always use good quality printing paper for better results.
2. Do not touch the connections with wet hands.
3. Set the knob to "Regular wash".
4. Do not expose camera lens to direct sunlight
2 M
1 (d)

Do as directed:
(i) He took a _______ (loan/lone) from the bank. (Choose the correct word)
(ii) The test was _______ than I thought. (Use the correct comparative from of "easy")
(iii) The arrive of the passengers caused confusion. (Choose the correct form of the underlined word).

3 M

2 (a) Explain the following terms used to describe the communication process: Feedback, message, barrier, encoding.
4 M
2 (b) Draw a diagram of the Semi-block letter format.
3 M
2 (c) The following is a description of the process of recording videos on a handycam. Change it into a set of numbered instructions.
A cassette is inserted into the camcorder. The lens cap is removed. The button marked OPEN is pressed to reveal the LCD panel. The POWER button is switched down to light up the CAMERA-TAPE lamp. The REC START/STOP button is pressed. The recording is started. The same button is pressed to stop recording.
3 M

3 (a) List two advantages each of oral and written communication.
4 M
3 (b) As the coordinator of a youth festival in your institute, you had placed an order for T-shirts with a garment supplier. When the T-shirts arrived, you found that the slogan on the T-shirts contained spelling mistakes and the colour of the logo was blue and not green as specified by you. Write a letter of claim to the supplier asking him to take back the defective T-shirts and to grant you a complete refund. (Use the complete-block format)
6 M

4 (a) Your friend wishes to be a more effective listener. What tips would you give him/her?
4 M
4 (b) As the Purchase Officer of a company, you wish to invite a quotation for furniture for the seminar hall. Write a letter to "Great Offices". 41, Kaveri Complex, M.G. Road, Oshiwara, Andheri(W), Mumbai-400058.
6 M

5 (a) Answer the following in five-six sentence each:
(i) "Silence speaks louder than words". Discuss.
(ii) What is grapevine? What are its merits and demerits?
4 M
5 (b) The following letter is written in a negative tone. Make the necessary changes without changing the meaning so that it sounds positive:
Dear Mr. Jagtiani
Your cannot get a replacement on your defective computer because it clearly falls outside the warranty period. You should at least have checked the warranty date before making such a complaint. We trust you will not complain again.
4 M
5 (c) Give one word for the following (any two)

i) A place in which people are confined to or kept in as punishment for a crime
ii) A compulsory contribution from one's income imposed by the government
iii) The presence of harmful substances in the environment that affect health
2 M

6 (a) Complete the following sentences by inserting the right category word and function for the following objects: (any two)
(i) A pressure coocker is a/an ______ used to ______
(ii) A barometer is a/an ______ used to ______
(iii) A lift is a/an ______ used to ______
(iv) A mini-drafter is a/an _______ used to ______
2 M
6 (b)

Match the following:

(i) Kinesics (a) The study of space as a communicative system
(ii) Hapitcs (b) The study of movements of the body as related to speech
(iii) Oculesics (c) The study of touch
(iv) Proxemics (d) The Study of eye-contact
  (e) The study of silence as a means of non-verbal communication
2 M
6 (c) Read the following passage and answer the questions given below:

It was once believed that being overweight was healthy, but nowadays few people subscribe to this viewpoint. While many people are fighting the battle to lose weight, studies are being conducted concerning the appetite and how it is controlled by both emotional and biochemical factors. Some of the conclusions of these studies may give insights into how to deal with weight problem& For example, when several hundred people were asked about their eating habits in times of stress, 44 percent said they reacted to stressful situations by eating. Further investigations with both humans and animals indicated that it is not food that relieves tension but rather the act or chewing.
A test in which subjects were blindfolded showed that obese people have a keener sense of taste and crave more flavourful food than people who are not extremely overweight. When deprived of variety and intensity of tastes, obese people are rarely satisfied and consequently eat more to fulfill this need. Also, blood samples taken from people after they were shown a picture of food revealed that overweight people reacted with an increase in blood insulin, a chemical associated with appetite. This did not happen to average-weighted people. In another experiment, results showed that certain people have a specific, biologically induced hunger for carbohydrates. When people eat carbohydrates, the level of serotonin, a neurotransmitter in the brain, rises. Enough serotonin produces a sense of satiation, and as a result, their hunger fez carbohydrates subsides. Exercise has been recommended as an important part of a weight-loss program. However, it has been found that mild exercise, such as using the stairs instead of the elevator, is better in the long run than taking on a strenuous program, such as jogging, which many people find difficult to continue over long periods of time and which also increases appetite.
Choose the right options:

(i) What is the main purpose of the passage?
(a) To discuss the health problems caused by being overweight
(b) To recommend a weight-loss program for the obese
(c) To help overweight people overcome their eating problem
(d) To present research into the factors causing obesity.

(ii) The author mention people's eating habits during times of stress to to show that
(a) Overweight people are tense
(b) Thin people don't eat when under stress
(c) A large percentage of people deal with stress by eating
(d) 56 percent of the population isn't overweight

(iii) The word "crave" in paragraph 2 is closest in meaning to:
(a) Devour
(b) absorb
(c) season
(d) desire

(iv) Paragraph 2 supports which of the following conclusion?
(a) Thin people don't enjoy food as much as overweight people do
(b) A variety of foods and strong flavors satisfy heavy people
(c) Overweight people have an abnormal sense of taste
(d) Deprivation of food makes people fat.

(v) According to the passage
(a) Insulin increases in the bloodstream when people eat large amounts of food.
(b) Insulin can be used to lessen the appetite
(c) Insulin causes a chemical reaction when food is seen
(d) Insulin levels don't change in average-weight people who see food.

(vi) Give synonyms for the following words:
(a) subside
(b) strenuous
6 M

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