MU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Communication Skills
December 2015
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1(a) 'Communicationis the exchange of meaning between individuals through a common system of symbols.' Explain the process of communication in the light of the above statement with a suitable diagram.
4 M
1(b) Spot the errors and rewrite the sentence correctly.
(i) The alarm were triggered by photomagnetic cell.
(ii) The kitchen should be cleaned yesterday.
2 M
1(c) Match The columns
(i) C.C. (a) Identification Marks
(ii) RT/SYV (b) Reader's point of view
(iii) You Attitude (c) Indentation
(iv) Semi block style (d) COpy Notation
2 M
1(d) Construct the technical definition of the following with the given key words.
(i) Microscope ' optical instrument, combination of lenses, magnified images
(ii) Welding ' process, similar metals, heat/compression
2 M

2(a)i Explain briefly semantic/hinguistic barries with suitable examples.
2 M
2(a)ii What do the following aspects of body language suggest. Erect posture, open pulms, yawning, raising an eyebrow.
2 M
Write short notes on (any two) :-
2(b)i Courtesy and consideration
2 M
2(b)ii Letter Head in official letters
2 M
2(b)iii Importance of planning a business letter
2 M
2(b)iv Types of punctuation
2 M
2(c) Arrange the following special instructions under suitable headings i.e. waming, caution, danger.
(i) To avoid injury, keep fingers away from the flame.
(ii) Poison, keep out of reach of children.
(iii) Always make sure the switch is on OFF position.
(iv) Do not use on silk and delicate garments.
2 M

3(a)i Discuss some of the disadvantages of 'Vertical Communication' and suggest ways to make it more effective.
4 M
3(a)ii 'Grapevine Communication can create unity and promote efficiency.' Explain.
4 M
3(b) Your company is starting a new branch office in Boards. As the branch head, write a letter inviting quotations for office furniture and water coolers, in the complete block form.
6 M

4(a)ii Explain the various stages of active listening.
4 M
4(a)ii Explain skimming and Scanning with reference to reading skills.
4 M
4(b) Draft a suitable adjustment letter in response to your client's complaint about the rude behaviour displayed by you H. R. Manager, when he had enquired about the delay in delivery of consignment. Draft the letter in modified block farm
6 M

5(a)i What role does non-verbal communication play in making oral presentations more effective?
2 M
5(a)ii What is the role of feedback in the process of communication?
2 M
5(b) Substitute the idea with a single expression.
(i) A person who speaks two languages.
(ii) A contagious disease which spreads over a huge area.
1 M
5(c) Fill in the blanks.
  (i) _______ aims at supplying requested information to the writer.
  (ii) The semi-block form uses _______ punctuation.
  (iii) _______ are additional papers and documents like certificate, bill, cheque etc.
  (iv) _______ should agree with the salutation.
  (v) _______ communication is related to gossips and rumors.
  (vi) Defects in machinery is _______ barrier.
3 M
5(d) Prepare a set of instructions after reading the following definition. 'Soldering is a metal joining process with the help of low melting point metal by the use of heat and filler material.'
2 M

6(a)i Zubin has applied to the university of Cambridge for a course in Computational Mathematics through E. Mail. He has been asked to appear for a telephonic interview.
( Identify the Sender, Receiver, Medium/Message and Feedback )
2 M
6(a)ii Awareness campaign amongst house wives about ill effects of plastic bags. (What channel you use? Justify your choice.)
2 M
6(a)iii These instructions should be followed while working on this machine. (Write it in direct imperative style)
1 M
There is no dearth of fake patriotism in the world of camouflage one's weakness or failure in administration and planning. It rather becomes an instrument in the hands of dictators and selfish rulers to keep their position safe. One can hear the slogans of patriotism on both the sides of the line of demarcation in the masses there slogans would be raised – 'danger is lurking on the borders' , the enemy is making preparations to attack on country'. This is not patriotism but perverse thinking for selfish motives. Patriotism does not require a whip to rouse the sentiments of the people – if it is true patriotism. The unity achieved during war may be a result of apprehension of slavery, not necessarily true emotion generated by patriotism. It is in the blood of people to mould their life according to the needs of the motherland. It is not expedient to create circumstances befitting one's own interests. It is rather regrettable that patriotism is the greatest casualty in almost all the fields in our country. Political expediency and selfish motives have become supreme, to the extent that even to talk of patriotism is labelled as puerile or reactionary. Let us take inspiration from the young girl who wept and cried bitterly for she could not offer flowers on the war memorial in London, for none of her forefathers had laid his life for the cause of the nation. Let us inculcate this noble spirit among the people if we have to bring back the glory that was India.

1. What is the effect of fake patriotism?
2. When are the slogans of patriotism raised?
3. What does the author regret?
4. What is the result of political expediency and selfish motives?
5. Give the synonyms for the following :-
  (i) Apprehension of slavery
  (ii) Political expediency
5 M

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