MU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Communication Skills
May 2013
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Answer as directed:
1(a) Fill in the blanks
(i) He is one of the men who do/does the work. (select correct option)
(ii) What's the time ________ your watch? (fill in the blank with correct preposition)
(iii) The crowd approach is not in keeping with the principle of ________ in business correspondence.
3 M
1(b) Match the collumns:
a) use of jargon i) physical barrier
b) resistance to change ii) barrier in written communication
c) hierarchical structure iii) mechanical barrier
d) faulty punctuation iv) psychological barrier
e) stuttering v) semantic/linguistic barrier
f) power failure during oral presentation vi) faulty medium
vii) status barrier
3 M
1(c) State whether the following are true or false and give reasons for your answer:
i) A labeled diagram is an important component for an effective set of instructions.
ii) "Thanking you in anticipation" is a good end to a business letter.
iii) A set of instructions should always end with cautions and warnings.
iv) Lack of interest in a topic is a receiver oriented barrier.
4 M

2(a) Answer any one of the following:
(i) Describe the process of communication.
(ii) Explain the importance of feedback in communication situation.
4 M
2(b)(i) Distinguish between:
1. Solicited and unsolicited enquiry
2. Semi-block and modified block format
2 M
2(b)(ii) Fill in the blanks:
i) The signature block in a letter consists of the ________, the signature and the name and designation of the writer.ii) The principle of ________, implies concern for the need of the readers.
2 M
2(c) Revise the following faulty set of instructions:
First you should rotate the temperature knob clockwise to 'Toast' and then the dial knob to align with the red tab. After opening the oven door, the wire rack should be inserted in the lowest slot. Finally you can place the bread slices on the rack.
2 M

Answer the following questions as directed:
3(a) Answer in one sentence: (any two)
(i) What is paralanguage?
(ii) State whether you would use oral or written communication for the lease of your apartment and explain why.
(iii) Why is occulesics important in communication?
2 M
3(b) Two Differences between:
(i) Formal and informal communication.
(ii) Body language and paralanguage
2 M
3(c) You want to renovate your office situated at Ram Mahal, M.G.Road, Fort, Mumbai-400001. Write a letter of inquiry to Elegant Interior Decorators, Sita Kunj, Cadell Rd, Mumbai, seeking information about the availability of furniture,cost of renovation, work schedule etc. Use modified block format.
6 M

Write short notes on: (Any three)
4(a)(i) Video conferencing
2 M
4(a)(ii) The necessity and importance of feedback
2 M
4(a)(iii) The features of listening and hearing
2 M
4(a)(iv) Grapevine communication
2 M
4(a)(v) E-mail Etiquette
2 M
4(b) Define the following objects:
Electric iron, Tube-light, Table-fan, Burette
4 M

5(a) Describe the process of sending an e-mail.
5 M
5(b) State the following statements as true or false.1) Acting is a form of communication.
2) Body language is less important than verbal language.
3) In closed punctuations there are commas after the address.
4) The meaning of the message is not in the words.
5) Extreme emotion enhances communication.
5 M

6(a) Give diagrammatic representations of Horizontal communication, Vertical communication, Diagonal communication.
5 M
6(b) Read the following passage and answer the questions:
From the ever-evolving computer industry to the introduction and widespread popularity of the internet, from the various electronic gadgets cars to spacecrafts, the world of technology is seemingly endless. Technology is a powerful tool in this modern era, and it has the capability to influence society for its betterment, as well as destruction.
Terrorism, by far, is the worst mason for which technology can be utilized: unfortunately, however, technology has helped terrorism to grow by leaps and bounds. It has helped terrorism in both actual and cyber terrorism. It takes only a glance at the complex making and build-up of an explosive or bomb to realize that yes; technology has had a worldwide impact on terrorism.
Thus we know that, on one hand, in the long run, terrorism nowadays is based mainly on different types of technology, Manufacturing hi-tech gadgets illegally, that too on a daily basis, using the internet as hub to meet, discuss and plan attacks with fellow terrorists breaking (hacking) into government data systems to wreck havoc are only some of the ways in which terrorists utilize technology. Even now, every Indian shudders when the thought of the 26/11 attacks come to mind, when the whole of Mumbai lost many of her loved ones, including army personnel, police officers, women and children. One question, keeps staring at us in the face "How did a bunch of young boys keep an entire city under siege? " The answer lies only in one word technology. By using sophisticated weapons and gadgets, even a dozen young boys were able to terrorize us. Another example is of the train blasts that happened in Mumbai few years back. News reports state that the bomb inside the train was activated using a cell phone.
Conversely, if advancing technology supports the growth of terrorism, it also means that the government has better ways to defend the country/state against terrorism. Hi-end security measures, such as CCTV cameras, infrared detection, video messages regarding solely for the purpose of reporting unidentified / suspicious objects, are all ways in which government can defend the country and combat terrorist by foiling their plans, Bomb-squads, Bullet- proof jackets are many other ways for police and law enforcement officers to fight terrorism effectively.
Whether technology affects the future of terrorism in both the aforementioned ways, is quite clear. As technology advances, it will propel the ways and means of terrorism. Nevertheless, it will also enable the government to take better, stringent measures to protect the people against terrorist. It simply is the question of who will prevail first. And that, in its entirety, is a very scary thought.

1)Why is technology described as the powerful tool in the passage?
2) How has technology helped terrorism?
3) How do terrorists utilize technology?
4) What are the good uses of technology?
5) Give one word for: Extensively far reaching, Confusion and destruction
5 M

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