SPPU Computer Engineering (Semester 4)
Microprocessor and Interfacing Techniques
May 2014
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Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Answer any one question from Q1 and Q2
1 (a) Explain how logical to Linear address translation With TI = 0 is done in 80386DX for protected mode? Draw neat diagram.
8 M
1 (b) What are three components of COMMAND.COM? Explain significance of each of them.
4 M

2 (a) Compare 8086, 80386 and i7 processor on the basis of architectural features. (Min. 6 points of comparison).
4 M
2 (b) Compare and contrast .COM and .EXE programs.
4 M
2 (c) Draw architecture of 8259 PIC and state function of each block.
4 M

Answer any one question from Q3 and Q4
3 (a) What is the need of sample and hold circuit ? Explain successive approximation ADC with block diagram.
4 M
3 (b) Find out mode word and command word for the following configuration. Mode Word-Baud rate 16x, 8 bit char length, no parity, with 2 stop bits. Control word - Transmit and receive enable, DTR - Ready, normal operation, Reset all error flags, no internal reset, Hunt mode disable.
4 M
3 (c) Why DMA controlled data transfers are preferred over interrupt driven or program controlled? Explain the use of HRQ and EOP signals.
4 M

4 (a) What is the sensor matrix mode of the IC 8279? Explain the function of the 8×8-bit RAM in this mode.
4 M
4 (b) Explain the BSR and I//O mode word formats of the IC 8255.
4 M
4 (c) Explain operation of 8253/54 in mode 3 with the help of timing diagram.
4 M

Answer any one question from Q5 and Q6
5 (a) Draw the schematic of 8086 microprocessor operating in minimum mode, showing supporting chips required like clock generator, latches, buffers etc. Explain working of 8086 in minimum mode.
8 M
5 (b) How does 8086 distinguish 8087 instructions from its own instructions?
2 M
5 (c) Explain the 8087 instruction with one example each:
i) Data Transfer group
ii) Constant returning group
iii) Coprocessor control group
3 M

6 (a) Draw and discuss the interface and interaction between 8086 and 8087.
7 M
6 (b) Draw and explain the read cycle timing diagram of 8086 in minimum mode.
6 M

Answer any one question from Q7 and Q8
7 (a) List and explain the features of Intel X58 chipset.
7 M
7 (b) Discuss the following signals of Power Management interface of 82801JIR 1CH:
ii) THRM#
7 M

8 (a) Draw and explain block diagram of i5 motherboard.
7 M
8 (b) Explain RAS and 'Intel QuickData Technology' features of Intel x58 express chipset.
6 M

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