GTU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Elements of Civil Engineering
June 2014
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Objective Question:MCQ:choose right answer.
1(a)1 Planning of a very large area covering several towns and villages is known as:
( a ) Town planning
( b ) Village planning
( c ) Urban planning
( d ) Regional planning
1 M
1(a)2 Totalstation take measurements of
( a ) Length
( b ) Angle
( c )coordinates
( d ) All of the above
1 M
1(a)3 Offset are set by instrument
( a ) Cross staff ( b ) Prism square
( c ) Optical square ( d )All of these
1 M
1(a)4 If W.C.B. of any line lies in quadrant IV then R.B. is equal to
( a )WCB ( b ) 360°-WCB ( c )180°-WCB ( d )WCB-180°
1 M
1(a)5 Write full form of: GTS
1 M
1(a)6 Curvature correction in leveling is Always
( b ) Subtractive
1 M
1(a)7 Contour lines cross one another in case of :
( a ) Vertical cliff
( b )Hillock
( c )Overhanging cliff
( d ) Reservoi
1 M
Objective Questions: MCQ: choose right answer.
1(b)1 As per principles of building planning --- longer walls of building should face the direction:
( a ) North-East
( b )North -South
( c ) East-West
( d )North-Wes
1 M
1(b)2 To define grade of concrete which characteristics is used:
( a ) Tensile strength
( b ) ompressive strength
( c ) Density
( d ) None of the abov
1 M
1(b)3 (D)Depth of wall foundation is calculated by thumb rule ( T=Wall thickness)
( a ) D is greater than equal to 2T+30
( b ) D is less than equal to 2T+30
( c ) D is greater than equal to T+30
( d ) one of the above
1 M
1(b)4 Which type of door provides maximum safety
(a ) Hollow core flush door
( b ) Solid core flush door
(c )Sash door
(d )Battened and ledged door
1 M
1(b)5 For span of 12 m which pitched roof can be suggested
(a ) King post
( b ) Queen post
( c ) Lean to roof
(d ) All of the above
1 M
1(b)6 A barrier across a river to change flow of river water is called
( a )Weir
(b) Dam
(d ) Aqueduct
1 M
1(b)7 Traffic sign indicating speed limit is categorized in :
(a ) Regulatory sign
( b )Warning sign
(c)Informatory sign
( d ) Prohibitory sign
1 M

2(a)i What is the difference between plan and map?
4 M
2(a)ii Convert the following bearing:
b.RB=S 20 °W
c. WCB=250°
3 M
2(b) What will be the horizontal distance between two points if measured along rising slope of 1 in 10 found 480m?
7 M

3(a) Write classification of lime
7 M
3(b) Prepare plan for a room with verandah in scale 1:50. The size of room is 3.0 m x 4.50 m. Verandah is 1.8 m wide. The thickness of wall is 30 cm for external and 20 cm for internal. Provide door, window and steps at suitable location. Write assumed dimensions for them.
7 M

4(a)i What is local attraction? What are the sources of local attraction?
3 M
4(a)ii Explain geodetic surveying
4 M

Following table shows a page of a level book. Calculate values for Rise and Fall. Calculate R.L. of the stations. Apply arithmetic checks. R.L.of B.M. is 150.000

st BS IS FS Rise Fall R.L Remark
A 2.500 - -       B.M
B 1.685 - 1.575        
C -- 2.735 -        
D 1.515 - 3.335        
E - 2.325 -        
F - 1.050 -        
G 1.775 - 0.675        
H - - 2.450        
7 M

5(a)i Write use of plannimeter with formula
3 M
5(a)ii Discuss the principles of planning: Flexibility and Circulation in brie
4 M

The following fore bearings are observed in a closed traverse ABCD while surveying around a building. Calculate the included angles

Line Bearing
AB 124°
BC 60°
CD 318°
DA 200°
7 M

6(a) Discuss about various dams
7 M
6(b)i What is mass transportation system?
3 M
6(b)ii Sketch the traffic signs for following:
c. T Intersection
4 M

7(a) Write functions of following building components:
1.Weathershed /Chajja
2. Lintel
4. Stair
5. Foundation
6. Beam
7. Slab
7 M
7(b)i Explain the term Infrastructure
4 M
7(b)ii What are GPS, RS and GIS?
3 M

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