GTU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Elements of Civil Engineering
June 2012
Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary


The Observed bearings of the traverse are given below.Find out included angles and correct angles.

Line Fore Bearing Back Bearing
AB 12°30' 192°30'
BC 95°00' 275°00'
CD 110°30' 290°30'
DE 160°00' 340°00'
EA 310°30' 130°00'
6 M
1(b) Explain Bar Chart
4 M
1(c) Give Classification of surveying
4 M


The Incomplete page of level book is given below work out the missing Entry. Also Give usual arithmetic check

Stn B.S I.S F.S Rise Fall Rl Remarks
1 X         100  
2   3.2     1.955 98.045  
3   X   0.85   X  
4 2.345   1.255 1.095   99.99  
5   0.245   X   102.09  
6 X   X   2.83 99.26  
7   0.505   1.19   100.45  
8     0.505 0.75   X  
6 M
2(b) Draw a plain scale of 1cm =2m and shaw on it 12m
4 M
2(C) Explain
Roominess principles of planning a building
4 M

3(a) Draw sketch of prismatic Compass and explain its co mponent parts
5 M
3(b) Explain the characteristics of contour line
5 M
3(c) The Magnetic bearing of a line AB is N 25°30'E Calculate the true bearing of the line if Declination is 2°E.
4 M

4(a) Enlist different types of foundation and Draw sketc h of 30 cm wall foundation section .
5 M
4(b) Calculate the area of a irregular figure from the planimeter observation given below (i) Initial reading =3.463 (ii) Final Reading =6.243 (iii) Anchor point outside (iv) Zeromark of the dial passes index in clockwise direction once (v) M =100.
5 M
4(c) Describe application of remote sensing
4 M


The Offset from the boundary is given below at regular interval of 30m calculate the area enclosed by Trapezoidal and simpsons rule.

Chainage 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270
Offset  0.51 0.72 1.29 1.35 2.08 3.53 4.55 5.01 6.24
5 M
5(b) Give Symbols for (i) Matrial in section of Brick (i i)Material in section Concrete (iii) Exhaust Fan (iv) Electric Meter(v) culvert
5 M
5(c) Give the properties of Brick
4 M

6(a) Explain Types of concrete
5 M
6(b) Give difference between load bearing and framed structure
5 M
6(c) Explain watershed Development
4 M

7(a) Draw cross section of Road in cutting and embankment
5 M
7(b) Explain Hydrologic cycle
5 M
7(c) Explain the role of transportation in national deve lopment
4 M

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