SPPU Electronics and Telecom Engineering (Semester 3)
Digital Electronics
December 2013
Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Solve any one question from Q1 and Q2
1 (a) Draw and explain the working of 2 input CMOS NAND gate.
6 M
1 (b) Design the following logic expression using single 8:1 multiplexer. F(A,B,C,D) = ∑m(0,2,3,6,8,9,14) + d(12,13)
6 M

2 (a) With the neat diagram explain the interfacing of the CMOS as a driver and TTL as a load.
6 M
2 (b) Design a 2 bit magnitude comparator using suitable decoder.
6 M

Solve any one question from Q3 and Q4
3 (a) Draw and explain the diagram of JK Flip-flop using nand gates and explain how race around condition is avoided ?
6 M
3 (b) Design a sequence detector to detect the sequence 101 using Mealy machine.
6 M

4 (a) Design a pulse train generator to generate the following sequence ......10110.... using shift register.
6 M
4 (b) (i) Rules for state assignments.
3 M
4 (b) (ii) State reduction.
3 M

Solve any one question from Q5 and Q6
5 (a) Design BCD to Excess-3 code converter using PAL.
8 M
5 (b) Explain the difference between PLA and PAL.
5 M

6 (a) Design the following multiple output function using PLA.
F1( a,b,c,d)= ∑m(3,7,8,9,11,15)
F2(a,b,c,d))= ∑m(3,4,5,7,10,14,15)
7 M
6 (b) Explain the general architecture of CPLD.
6 M

Solve any one question from Q7 and Q8
7 (a) Explain the different modelling styles in VHDL with suitable examples.
6 M
7 (b) Write the VHDL code for a negative edge-triggered 'D' flip-flop with Synchronous active low reset input.
7 M

8 (a) Explain the syntax of the process statement. What are the statements which can be used under the process?
6 M
8 (b) Write a VHDL code for full subtractor using structural modelling style.
7 M

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