GTU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Contributor Personality Development Program
June 2014
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Shreyak Mahajan, a mechanical engineering student of Delhi, was chosen to be part of the International Antarctic Expedition 2014 led by polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan. This expedition is meant to educate youth on issues of climate change and aims at building a network of young leaders who are champions of sustainable development.
Mahajan was selected for the mission after his 2 - minute video story on the theme -'Tetra Pak in the Life of Everyday India' which was shortlisted after a round of rigorous interviews.

(1)As a contributor, Shreyak would have felt most successful when...
a] His hard work and effort paid off with the chance to go for this lifetime expedition.
b]He was considered to be a part of the generation of youth who are taking responsible steps for the future of the world.
c]He not only made his country proud but also gained valuable insights into the issues on sustainable development as a participant in this mission.
3 M

2 What was the highest value that Shreyak would have created by making the 2 minute video story on "Tetra Pak in the Life of Everyday India"?
a] He created awareness on sustainable development issues for people.
b]He learnt how to make a high -quality video.
c]He was able to demonstrate his capacity and thinking to the committee selecting him for the mission with the help of this video.
3 M

3 It is important to have such programs / expeditions for the youth because
a]It helps youth to channelize their talent and potential towards making any change.
b]It helps youth to recognize the importance of protecting our environment for future generations
2 M

4 Your aim is to also become a "champion of sustainable development". What would you do?
a]Take up some issue I am concerned about and find ways to get more people to think about or act on it.
b]Learn about various issues in sustainable development and apply for more such contests.
2 M

5 a]When others put their trust in me, I start to believe them.
b]Only when I believe in others, they trust me back
2 M

6 a]Since working in a group widens the mind,in order to deliver better quality result, I prefer to do group work.
b] Since working in a group is time consuming , in order to finish a task, I prefer to work on my own
2 M

7 Going out of my way to help someone else is good because ...
a] will make me a larger -hearted human being
b] ...I can get help at the time when I need it .
2 M

8 a]CPD is a good course because it prepares me for the workplace in the future.
b]CPD is a good course because I can score well in the subject
2 M

9 a]Becoming aware of the consequences of my action prevents me from trying out anything new.
b]Becoming aware of the consequence s of my action prevents me from making mistakes.
2 M

10 a]I go for a holiday when I need a break from work.
b]I go for a holiday when there is a lean period between two projects
2 M

11 The personal interview is crucial for interviewers t o decide whether to take me for the job or not.
a]I need to be well -prepared for the interview.
b] I need to go with a proactive attitude for the interview.
2 M

12 a] Let us buy the machine which is most adaptable to local conditions even if it is less advanced.
b] Let us buy the most technologically advanced machine which is also available at a reasonable price
2 M

13 a] As a student, I must ensure that my concepts are very clear.
b]As a student, I must ensure that my marks are excellent
2 M

14 a] It is important to go to the doctor who is most capable of curing my ailment.
b] It is important to go to the doctor who is friendly and shows human concern.
2 M

15 Why should a boss include his/ her team members in planning the goals for the team together? (Rank rom most preferred to least preferred reason)
1. So that team members are clear about what is expected of them.
2. So that team members eel their views have been considered.
3.As team members will make sure that they achieve the goals.
4.As team members expect this from a leader like him.
a] 3 - 1 - 2- 4 b] 2-3 -4-1 c] 4 -2 -3-1 d] 3-2-1-4
2 M

16 Surabhi's chemistry teacher was about to announce the partners with whom each student would work together for the year. Who amongst the following is a contributor? (Rank in order of most preferred to least preferred option)
1.Badal: I am confident that I will be able to do things well by myself even if I do not get a good partner.
2.Ratan: I must make sure that my partner benefits by working with me.
3.Kirti: How can I ensure that I get a good partner? Otherwise I may end up doing all the work in the team.
4. Mona: Can I make a plan such that my partner and I work together effectively?
a] 4- 1- 2- 3 b] 4 -2-1-3 c] 2- 4 -1-3 d] 1-4-3-2
2 M

17 Samir's interest in photography led him to do a professional course in it.He is an engineer who has been working in a manufacturing company for the past 3 years.Though he had earlier thought of taking up photography as a profession, he has dropped the idea now. As a contributor, what could have been Samir's reason for doing so? (Rank in order of most likely reason to least likely reason)
1.He must have realized that he can do a much better quality workas an engineer.
2.He must have realized that he is not so sure whether his interest in photography will continue or not.
3.He must have realized that if he takes interest in current job, it can become interesting too.
4.He must have realized that photography as a profession is risky. a] 1-3-2-4 b] 3-2-1-4 c] 1-3-4-2 d] 3-1-2-4
2 M

18 The Board of Education wants to introduce major changes in the teaching and marking system in schools. They have decided a deadline by which they want this completed. Thousands of schools,teachers, support staff, parents etc. will be affected by this. How should the Board manage this process? (Rank in order of most preferred to least preferred response)
1.It should inform verybody about the changes and ask them to foll ow it. Consulting other stakeholders (schools, teachers, support staff, parents etc.) will lead to delays.
2.It should be ready to make changes in the plan considering the interests of all the stakeholders.
3.The Board can get some of the key stakeholders on board, who can convince the respective groups about the benefits.
4.The Board should wait till it has convinced all takeholders about its plan, even if it means missing the deadline.
a] 4- 2-3-1 b]3-4-2-1 c] 2-3-4-1 d] 4-2-1-3
2 M

19 A group responsible for issuing weather forecasts in the country was discussing how to make their forecasts more reliable (currently people do not consider weather forecast reliable). What according to you is the benefit of doing so? (Rank in order of maximum benefit to minimum benefit)
1.People will start trusting their forecasts.
2.They (the group members) will become more capable of making better forecasts.
3.People will stop making fun of them and how them more respect.
4.people will be able to plan their day according to the weather forecast.
a] 4-2-1-3 b] 4-3- 2-1 c]4-1-2-3 d] 2-4-1-3
2 M

20 You are an interior designer working in a store that sells modular kitchen cabinets. These cabinets are custom designed for each customer. You take the customer?s needs into account while suggesting designs for them. What is the value of doing this? ,
a]"As a result, I?ve made the customer's life easier."
b]"My store will be known for its customer-centric solutions."
c] "The customers will be happy that I am paying a lot of attention to them."
3 M

21 When a CEO of an Insurance company announces "We are not just in the business of selling policies but in helping people to respond positively to life's challenges", what does it mean?
a]It means that the company is willing to look at their business in a new way.,br>b]it means the company is willing to become customer-focused.
c] It means the company is willing to look beyond profits
3 M

22 You have been given a prestigious assignment that will involve working with experts from different parts of the world. As a Contributor, which of the following would be closest to your thinking?
a]"My hard work and sincerity has been rewarded. I must continue to work hard in this way, and many more such opportunities will come."
b]"This is a chance for us to develop new and break -through solutions in this field, by working together on it."
c]"This is a chance to work with some of the best experts in this field. It will be challenging but Iwill learn a lot."
3 M

23 For the technical festival hosted by your college, even though you don?t get selected for the organizing committee, you volunteer to support them for any extra jobs. Your friends think this is not so "cool". You explain your reasons to them. which of the following would be the basis for your explanation?
a]It is an opportunity to take an active part in the technical festival, which is one of the most important initiatives of our college.
b] It is an opportunity to participate in organizing the technical festival, which is an important experience that I can talk about in my resume (for my future career), to showcase my abilities.
c]It is an opportunity to give whatever help I can, to the organizing committee.
3 M

24 A customer walked into a post office for some work. Even though she had gone to the wrong department, they immediately helped her so that she could get her job done in a short time. What would be the effects of this action on the post office?
a]The customer would have a good pinion about the post office.
b] People would feel comfortable approaching the officials for any ind of work.
c]The post office would be espected by people for its efficiency.
3 M

25 You are working in a team that has a great team dynamics. Everyone understands each other and focuses on the goal while working. What would be the benefit of being a part of such a team during high pressure situations? ,
a]My team members can take responsibility for the success of the project.
b] My team members can depend on each other to tackle any situation.
c]My team members would work together and get the job done.
3 M

26 During the marriage function of his brother, Ken wore traditional clothes, which he wears rarely. Why do you think so?
a] he wants to fulfill his family?s expectations.
b] he looks good in such clothes.
c] he wants to celebrate the occasion
3 M

27 What is the value of developing self- motivation or striving for inner excellence rather than doing it for external reasons?
a]Then you can be your own boss.
b]Then you feel more satisfied.
c]Then you can do work which is better than your best
3 M

28 Every evening you teach your younger sister who is eak in mathematics. As a contributor, which of the following is most likely to be your thinking?
a]"We enjoy doing math together. We not only learn, but have also become more close to each other."
b]"Being so good in math myself, it is my duty to help my younger sister become better."
c]"She does badly because she is afraid of math. I can help her build confidence in the subject."
3 M

29 On completing your Engineering, most of your classmates take up high -paying jobs in large companies that are not directly in your line of training. You, however, choose to join a local software start-up (small new business). Which would be the most important reason to influence our choice?
a]"This is directly in my line of training. Thus it will help me utilize my training and develop my capabilities more effectively."
b]"This start-up will demand that I deal with new challenges that normally one doesn?t face in a large and stable company."
c]"Being part of a small start-up will give me exposure to many different kinds of work (unlike in a large company where you are assigned one specific work), thus I an learn much more."
3 M

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