GTU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Contributor Personality Development Program
May 2016
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 According to a recent newspaper report, there has been a 16% jump in the number of cases of indiscipline in the Home Ministry in 2015. Several officials were found guilty of leaking sensitive and 'top secret' information. In order to ensure security, the Union Government is preparing a list of people who will handle 'top secret' work. These officials would be chosen irrespective of their ranks or positions in the office.
The committee at the Ministry has to decide its next course of action after discovering the news of information leak. During the meeting, 3 committee members discuss their views. Which view will you support?
a] Teja: 'We need to inform everyone that they are being watched and security leaks will not be tolerated.'
b] Parth: 'We need to punish the offenders to set an example.'
c] Kripa: 'We can help officials understand the need for secrecy in such matters.'
3 M

2 What, according to you, is the most harmful consequence due to such cases of indiscipline?
a] Countrymen will lose faith in the Ministry and Government organizations.
b] Actions of a few undisciplined officials reflect poorly upon other honest officials.
c] It will lead to 'bad publicity' in the media till the matter is resolved.
2 M

3 Which of these statements would you agree with?
a] We need strict officials who can ensure that their people respect confidentiality.
b] We need officials with integrity to manage such work at the Ministry.
3 M

4 Officials must follow the protocols of their organizations...
a] it leads to the smooth functioning of the organization.
b] people in the organization feel that they are being treated fairly.
2 M

5 Your friend has stage fear and she finds ways to escape from speaking in public. You would advise her to overcome her fear because...
a] ...she may lose out from having good communication skills.
b] ...she may lose out from learning through new experiences.
2 M

6 While looking for a partner for your business, you would look for a person who...
a] not afraid to fail.
b] ...has confidence that he will not fail.
2 M

7 To think win-win, I need to worry about -
a] What are the consequences of the organization's actions on others.
b] How to reduce the negative impact of the organization's actions on others.
2 M

8 It is important to learn from one's experience so that...
a] don't repeat the same mistakes.
b] ...your experience can be shared with others.
2 M

9 A good teacher is one who teaches a student how to solve a problem rather than solving the problem for him. She does so because...
a] ...this will give her student a strong foundation in the topic.
b] ...the student will not have to struggle with the topic again and again.
2 M

10 You have to attend a family ceremony where everyone is expected to wear Indian traditional clothes. You wear traditional clothes even though you don't feel like wearing it because...
a] don't want to attract unnecessary attention to yourself by standing out.
b] value your family traditions.
2 M

11 One should be willing to step out of one's comfort zone...
a] find out what you are capable of.
b] show others you are willing to try new things.
2 M

12 You are new in your company and it's your first job. You have been assigned a project and your role in that project has been defined. You think -
a] I will sincerely do whatever job is given to me.
b] I will meet the project goals.
2 M

13 When looking for a new job, one should look for challenging work along with seeking a good pay package because...
a] ...challenges are thrilling and exciting.
b] ...challenges make you discover more about yourself.
2 M

14 As the captain of your college football team, you would think about the larger goals of your team rather than your personal goals because...
a] would like to be known as a good and fair captain.
b] ...that is your role as a captain.
2 M

15 Simran's roommate keeps asking her to help with the cooking even on the days when it is her turn. After some time Simran refuses to help. When is this acceptable?
1. If Simran's friend does not value the help that she gives.
2. If it makes Simran's friend dependent on her.
3. If she keeps expecting Simran to do her work because of her helpful nature.
4. If the extra work starts interfering with the time for Simran's own work.
A] 4-1-2-3   b] 1-3-4-2   c] 4-3-2-1   d] 2-4-3-1
2 M

16 If one is in a good job, why would one need to participate in new workshops and conferences?
1. One can be sure to find a job in a related field, even if the economy goes into recession.
2. One can help the organization to be up-to-date with latest improvements in technology in that field.
3. One can build a name that they are very knowledgeable.
4. One can effectively use the knowledge to improve the quality of his present work.
a] 2-4-1-3   b] 2-1-4-3   c] 4-2-3-1   d] 4-2-1-3
2 M

17 Dhanvi has been elected to Lok Sabha after a very tough competition. What should Dhanvi keep in mind to do a good job?
1. She needs to find new strategies that will help her convert all her election promises to reality.
2. She prioritizes the election promises based on their urgency.
3. She needs to steadily work towards the long-term growth of the constituency.
4. She plans to meet the election promises made by her.
a] 3-1-2-4   b] 1-3-2-4   c] 1-2-3-4   d] 3-2-1-4
2 M

18 Manohar is a freelance interior designer and does not have much work to do as there hasbeen a slowdown in the real estate market. What can he do?
1. He can use this time to analyze the latest trends of the market, and plan new designs to use later.
2. He can look at alternate services related to the domain where his skills can be used Effectively.
3. Real estate market goes up and down. He needs to wait patiently for the market to start picking up again.
4. He can use the time effectively to learn new software packages like CAD/CAM that might help him later in work.
a] 4-1-3-2   b] 4-1-2-3   c] 2-1-4-3   d] 2-4-1-3
2 M

19 A household pest control Services Company is working on improving its services as many customers are not happy with the services provided. Why is the company doing that?
1. The customers will feel satisfied that their complaints have been addressed.
2. The customers will start having faith in the company over a period of time.
3. The customers will stop complaining about the substandard services of the company.
4. The customers will find the services provided by the company more reliable.
a] 4-2-3-1   b] 2-4-1-3   c] 4-2-1-3   d] 2-4-3-1
2 M

20 Radha, a class teacher decides to include as many students as possible who are interested in taking part in the school drama for annual day. While Soma, another class teacher, only considers students who are good at acting. What can you say about Radha?
a] Radha is an impartial teacher.
b] Radha believes more students will learn and benefit by participating.
c] Radha can help students practice so that they act well.
3 M

21 At the end of a project, your boss asks you to write down all the steps which your team had done well and which can be replicated again. What motivates you to do a good job?
a] It can be useful for sharing the best practices of the project.
b] It is part of my role to document my work.
c] I can help others to avoid these mistakes.
3 M

22 Sohail who is new to the job is asked by his boss to coordinate with a supplier who is not sending raw materials on time, which is resulting in production problem. When should Sohail feel successful?
a] When Sohail convinces the supplier to send raw materials on time at least once.
b] When Sohail feels confident to coordinate with all suppliers to get supplies on time.
c] When Sohail is appreciated by his boss for putting in consistent efforts.
3 M

23 Vikas has got job offers from a well-known software company as well as a company which is relatively new. According to you, which one is he likely to choose?
a] The company where his skills will be utilized.
b] The company where he can develop as a professional.
c] The company which has more clients/projects.
3 M

24 How can Rahul, a teenager help his family members?
a] By sharing the household duties in the family.
b] By being ready to help his family whenever needed.
c] By being the one on whom his family members rely.
3 M

25 You have been recently selected in the college football team. Why would you take the feedback of your coach seriously while practicing?
a] It will help me to impress my coach.
b] It will help me to become a better player.
c] It will help me to stay in the team.
3 M

26 Bhavani is starting her own dance classes for children. To plan her classes, who are the best people to discuss with?
a] With parents - to know their expectations from a dance class.
b] With children - to design the class in a way to interest them.
c] With all kinds of people - they can suggest new ways to plan.
3 M

27 A company, as part of the Swachh Bharat initiative, has organized a cleanliness drive in nearby localities. Why would a company do that?
a] To help spread awareness about keeping the surroundings clean.
b] To get positive publicity as it will be covered in local newspapers.
c] To contribute to the country's efforts towards Swachh Bharat.
3 M

28 Sulekha is keen to take up wildlife photography as a hobby. How can she start to engage with her hobby?
a] She can take photos of animals as and when she finds time.
b] She can attend a workshop when she comes to know about one.
c] She can keep aside a few hours daily to practice taking photos of pets.
3 M

29 Suresh works in the Accounts department and he is asked by his boss to stay back during the night as they have to close the financial books for the year-end. Suresh cannot stay back.What opportunity is he likely to miss?
a] To learn to meet common goals within tight deadlines.
b] To work together with his colleagues.
c] To get noticed by his seniors.
3 M

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