GTU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Contributor Personality Development Program
December 2015
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Instructions: This section has a scenario. Read carefully before answering the subsequent questions.
1 In 2013, United Nations appreciated Odisha government for its preparedness in dealing with the very severe cyclone "Phailin". The UN has decided to highlight the government's efforts as a successful case study on disaster management. The state government aimed for "zero casualty" and evacuated over 9 lakh people in high risk areas before the storm hit the state. The timely and accurate predictions of the meteorological department along with the swift action of the government saved hundreds of lives.
Suppose you work in the National Disaster Management Authority and the meteorological department has predicted a cyclone that could lead to a disaster, how would you think of handling this problem? A] ''We need to raise sufficient funds, or else the disaster will be unmanageable.'' B] ''Each one of us will have to put in tremendous efforts, come what may.'' C] "To be able to deal with the disaster, we need help from all - the people themselves, the Army, disaster management experts, environmentalists, etc."
3 M

2 Jayesh is leading the team responsible for evacuating people from the coastal areas. He holds a meeting to discuss disaster management strategies. Which of his team members is thinking like a contributor?
a] Pankaj: "We need to think of ways to implement this plan without requiring more people."
b] Kamla: "His ideas are great but maybe I could also find out other strategies to add to the effort."
c] Karan: "I hope his ideas have been used before; for now is not the time to experiment with something new."
2 M

3 If such challenging plans don't succeed... A] ...avoid undertaking similar challenging tasks in future.
b] ...learn from this to deal with challenges in future.
3 M

4 What could be the reason for the government providing aid to citizens who are affected by a crisis?
a] To support people dealing with the loss to rebuild their lives.
b] To fulfill its duty of giving aid to citizens and compensate for the loss.
2 M

Instructions: There are 10 questions in this section. All questions are compulsory. Each question h
5 Ajit participates in a cookery show. In order to ensure that he does well.... a] ...he cooks new dishes every time.
b] ...he cooks dishes which he knows very well.
2 M

6 A football coach says to the team -
a] ''To be a strong team you all will need to work hard consistently. I will be strict about the practice and training routines.''
b] ''To be a strong team you all need to follow my instructions. I have coached and created several excellent football players.''
2 M

7 a] It is important to gain experience before one gets a job.
b] One continues to learn on the job, irrespective of one's previous experiences.
2 M

8 a] It is important to follow the rules and regulations to ensure smooth functioning of the organization.
b] It is important to have some flexibility towards rules and regulations of an organization to cater to the needs of the customers.
2 M

9 My father has asked me to help him with gardening on weekends, which I find boring.
a] However, I just have to do it.
b] However, I need to make it interesting for myself.
2 M

10 After watching an aggressive argument between MPs in the Parliament, whose views would match yours?
a] Surya: ''The dignity of the assembly must be maintained while expressing opinions.''
b] Chirag: ''Opinions must be expressed in a strong and powerful manner in order to be heard.''
2 M

11 The society watchman informs residents an hour before stopping water-supply during water-cuts in the locality...
a] avoid residents from complaining.
b] that people are better prepared.
2 M

12 An event manager who wants to expand her business decides to hire more people to add to her team, so that...
a] ...there will be additional helping hands to do the work.
b] ...the team can take up more responsibilities.
2 M

13 One day before an important meeting, your presentation file gets corrupted.
a] You will think of ways to make a good presentation with the necessary details for the meeting next day.
b] You will request the client to extend the deadline so that you can ensure a good presentation.
2 M

14 Mr. Mehta, a retired teacher, feels satisfied to teach children at an NGO...
a] he gets to learn something new every day.
b] he is able to teach well due to his years of experience.
2 M

Instructions: This section has 5 questions. All questions are compulsory. Each question has 4 state
15 Sharanya was announced the winner of a reality dance show. During an interview she was asked what was the best part about the competition. How do you think Sharanya responded?
1. ''I got an opportunity to dance with some of the best upcoming dancers.''
2. ''I am recognized now, wherever I go.''
3. ''I got a chance to work with experts and learn from them.''
4. ''I could develop myself as a dancer.''
a] 3-1-4-2
b] 4-1-3-2
c] 3-4-1-2
d] 4-3-1-2
2 M

16 Gopal works as a constable in the police station. What, according to you, gives him pride in his work?
1. He is able to ensure law and order in his locality.
2. He is able to ensure those who break laws are made to face the consequences of their actions.
3. He is able to build respect for the police system and the laws of the country.
4. He is able to discourage crime by finding the cause behind it and ways to address them.
a] 3-4-1-2
b] 4-2-3-1
C] 2-3-4-1
d] 1-4-3-2
2 M

17 A fire accident in a restaurant leads to loss of many lives. Reports show that illegal renovations near the kitchen area caused the fire. Furthermore, it was found that the Municipal Corporation had overlooked these illegal renovations in spite of being aware of them over the past several years. What would be the highest impact of such negligence?
1. The restaurant owners would fear that the business might not bounce back to Normal.
2. The Municipal Corporation will be distrusted due to the act of negligence of few authorities
3. The culprits will be punished severely.
4. People might feel unsafe to eat from public eateries and will lose trust on the restaurant owners and Municipal Corporation.
a] 2-1-4-3
b] 2-4-1-3
C] 4-1-2-3
d] 4-2-1-3
2 M

18 An online shopping portal is working on improving the reliability of its website as customers have reported that the information about products were inaccurate. Why do you think the company doing this?
1. The customers will feel satisfied that their complaints have been addressed.
2. The customers will start having faith in the website over a period of time.
3. The customers will stop complaining about inaccuracy of information on the website.
4. The customers will find the information provided on the website more reliable.
a] 4-2-3-1 b] 2-4-1-3
c] 4-2-1-3
d] 2-4-3-1
2 M

19 Kanika's research proposal has been rejected twice by the institute where she wants to pursue PhD. She can now reapply only in the next academic year. What should Kanika's plan of action be?
1. She can relook at her research proposal, take in suggestions and advice from different experts to improve her draft.
2. She can contact the university to get feedback on why her proposal wasn't selected.
3. It is common for proposals to get rejected, and therefore she must try not to feel dejected.
4. She can work in a research agency so that she can gain some practical experience and re-make her proposal.
a] 1-2-4-3
b] 2-1-4-3
c] 4-1-2-3
d] 4-2-1-3
2 M

Instructions: There are 10 questions in this section. All questions are compulsory. Each question h
20 Meera Sawant is a member of Nyaya Panchayat in her village. She largely deals with disputes between villagers over agricultural land. She is known for her ability for out-of-court settlements. Why does Meera try to settle matters out of the court?
a] It saves time and resources of the disputing parties, and of the judicial system as well.
b] It has given her a special recognition of being a competent negotiator amongst the villagers.
c] It always takes her less time than going to court for all the proceedings.
3 M

21 Pratham finds it difficult to do his work because the files are lying in a disorganized way in the office. Though it is not his work, he decides to sort them. What could be his motive for doing so?
a] He likes to be organized and work in a clean office.
b] Everyone in the office will thank him for taking up the responsibility.
c] Others will not have the same difficulty that he is facing now.
3 M

22 Samiksha runs a small-scale catering business at her home. As a contributor, how can she view her work?
a] As a mode of regular income while being at home.
b] As a means of providing quality food to her clients through her business.
c] As being able to develop her managerial and business skills.
3 M

23 Mr. D'souza has retired after working for 22 years. He was one of the first few employees of the company who had played a huge role in the company's growth. Which of the following can be considered as true success for him?
a] He guided his team to handle new projects.
b] He was known for being good at his job and always meeting his targets.
c] He worked in multiple projects and developed a variety of skills.
3 M

24 Eshan, a 17 year old student, constructed a bamboo bridge across a sewage-filled stretch so that children from his community could reach their schools safely. What does this story demonstrate?
a] We need more people like Eshan to solve such problems for communities.
b] Our youth have the creativity to respond in such situations.
c] More and more youth can solve their own problems.
3 M

25 Shabnam has completed her degree in architecture and is thinking of setting up her own architecture firm. Meanwhile, she gets an opportunity to work with a leading architect in the city, which she takes up. What do you think is the reason?
a] She is not yet feeling confident about setting up her own firm. Better to work in an established firm.
b] Setting up her own firm will be difficult and will take a lot of time. Clients may not want to work with new architects.
c] She first needs to learn from others. The experience of working in this architectural firm will be valuable to her.
3 M

26 Janvi is the owner of a small-scale furniture business. She wants to invest the profits from her business for its further development. Which of the following options of using this money adds most value?
a] She decides to get an expert to work on improving the shopping experience of her customers.
b] She decides to sponsor one of her team members for a creative design course.
c] She decides to send Diwali gifts to all her loyal customers.
3 M

27 Nitin is a B.Com student who wants to become a Chartered Accountant. What questions should he ask himself before taking a final decision?
a] Am I interested in this job because the pay is good and the money will help me fulfill my dreams?
b] Am I interested because this is the type of job where others can benefit through my work?
c] Am I interested because I am good at numbers and can interact with people well?
3 M

28 One of the leading construction companies in the country is aspiring to expand its business and enter new areas in the industry. However the leaders of the company are unwilling to change policies. Which of the following is most likely to happen if the necessary changes are not introduced?
a] Eventually some clients may prefer working with modernistic companies.
b] Nothing is likely to happen as it is already an established company.
c] The company may find it difficult to expand and adapt to the fast-changing markets.
3 M

29 Maria is the head of the Students' Representative Council in her college. She takes up an initiative of holding quarterly meetings where different student departments [arts, sports, academics, etc.] have to do a presentation on their activities, concerns, initiatives taken etc. What is the highest value that Maria is creating in the process?
a] Everyone will get to know about the different activities that are happening in the college.
b] Sharing and discussing about the concerns will result in new ideas to help members solve their challenges.
c] Students will gain support from each other which will help create a sense of bonding among them.
3 M

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