RGPV First Year Engineering (Set B) (Semester 2)
Communication Skills
December 2012
Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Solve the any one question from Q1(a) Q1(b) & Q1(c) (1)(d)
1 (a) Transcribe the following words phonetically:
(i) And
(ii) Key
(iii) ship
(iv) Proof
4 M
1 (b) Discuss the significance of written communication for any organization. What are its advantages and limitations?
10 M
1 (c) What is the importance of feedback in the process of communication?
4 M
1 (d) Write notes on any two of the following topics:
(i) Proxemics
(ii) Paralinguistics
(iii) socio-psychological barriers
(iv) Semantic barriers
10 M

2 (a) Define
(i) Electricity
(ii) Photon
(iii) Gravity
(iv) Osmosis
4 M
2 (b) Write a note (100-150 words) on any-one of the following topics:
(i) Computer mediated communication
(ii) Role of women in politics
(iii) Company structure
(iv) Corruption
10 M

Solve the any one question from Q3(a) Q3(b) & Q3(c) Q3(d)
3 (a) What are the points to be kept in mind while calling quotations?
4 M
3 (b) Assume that you are the Chief Engineer in PWD, Bhopal, Prepare a tender notice for the construction of a 20 feet wide road from Airport to New Market (25 Kms). Invent details.
10 M
3 (c) Elucidate the relevant details to be covered in a resume.
4 M
3 (d) Write a letter of application for the post of an Assistant Professor in a prestigious University. Invent details.
10 M

Solve the any one question from Q4(a) Q4(b) & Q4(c) Q4(d)
4 (a) Discuss the characteristics of a good speech.
4 M
4 (b) Write the technical description of a Lathe Machine.
10 M
4 (c) What do you mean by precis? How can precis writing skill be useful to you?
4 M
4 (d) Describe the process of titration.
10 M

Solve the any one question from Q5(a) Q5(b) & Q5(c) Q5(d)
5 (a) What do you understand by telephone etiquette?
4 M
5 (b) What are the constituents of a technical report? Elaborate.
10 M
5 (c) Write the difference between a debate and speech.
4 M
5 (d) listening is the most significant aspect of the process of communication. Discuss.
10 M

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