VTU Civil Engineering (Semester 4)
Bldg Planning & Drawing
May 2016
Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Line diagram residential building in Fig Q1. Draw to a scale of 1:100
1(a) plan at sill level
25 M
1(b) Front Elevation
15 M
1(c) Section at A-A
15 M
1(d) Schedule of Openings
Note : All load bearing walls are 300 mm thick partition walls are 200 mm thick. All walls are of Burnt brick masonry (BBM) in CM 1:6, build on sized stone masonry in CM (1:6), depth of foundation is 1.20m for load bearing walls and 1m partition walls (--///-- indicates partition walls). Openings shall be suitably located with suitable dimension given line diagram is not to the scale and it indicated carpet dimensions only. Roof height can be taken as 3m and lintel level at 2.10m floor level. Assume any other missing data.

5 M

2 Draw plan and sectional Elevation of a RCC isolated sloped footing with the following details.
a) Size of column → 350 × 500 mm
b) Size of footing → 2 × 2.5 m
c) Depth of doundation below GL = 1.2 m
d) Thickness of PCC (1:3:6) =75 mm
e) Depth of footing = 600mm @ face of column
200mm @ edge of footing.
Reinforcement details.
Column - 8 number of 16 ϕ bars - main rft.
And lateral ties of 8mm bars @ 200C/C.
Footing - 12 mm bars at 120 mm C/C both ways.
20 M

3 Draw the front elevation, sectional plan and sectional elevation of 3 paneled single shutter door of size 1.2 × 2.1 m
20 M

4 Perpare a bubble diagram and develop a line diagram for a primary health centre to a suitable scale.
20 M

5 Prepare the water supply and sanitary layour for a residential building shown in Fig. Q1 with suitable notations.
20 M

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