VTU Mechanical Engineering (Semester 3)
Manufacturing Process 1
December 2011
Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 (a) Define manufacturing process and explain primary and secondary manufacturing process
6 M
1 (b) Define moduling and casting
3 M
1 (c) What is pattern ?Explain in details allowances given to pattern and resons to provide the allowness
11 M

2 (a) With a neat figure,explain the terminologies of sand mould
8 M
2 (b) Explain with a neat sketch,the working principle of Jolt types moduling machine.
6 M
2 (c) Explain the element involved in gating system
6 M

3 (a) Explain with neat sketches,shell moduling process and invesment moduling process
14 M
3 (b) Explain with a neat figure Hot chamber die casting process
6 M

4 (a) With respect to different zones and their chemical reaction,explain Cupola furance with neat figure
10 M
4 (b) Explain high frequency induction furnace.
5 M
4 (c) Mention the advantages of oil fired crucible furnance over coke fired furnance
5 M

5 (a) Define welding .Broadly classify welding process with examples in each
5 M
5 (b) write a note on clening and edge preparation in welding
5 M
5 (c) Explain tungsten wiest gas welding process with a neat figure and mentioned its advantages and limitation
10 M

6 (a) Explain with a neat figure ,Thermit welding process with advantages
10 M
6 (b) Explain with a neat sketch,laser beam weldin process mentioning clearly the formation of laser beam
10 M

7 (a) Write short notes on:
Residual stresses
HAZ in welding
Welding defects
20 M

8 (a) Explain magnetic paricle inspection method to test welded part with advantages and limitation
10 M
8 (b) Explain induction brazing and mentioned advantages and limiation
5 M
8 (c) Differentiate soldering and brazing
5 M

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