VTU First Year Engineering (C Cycle) (Semester 1)
Environmental Studies
December 2011
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Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 The study of interactions between living organisms and environment is called
a) Ecosystem
b) Ecology
c) Phytosociology
d) Biology
1 M

2 The environment which has been modified by human activities is called as
a) Natural environment
b) Anthropogenic environment
c) Urban environment
d) Modern environment
1 M

3 Cauvery water dispute is between
a) India and Pakistan
b) Punjab and Haryana
c) Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh
d) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
1 M

4 Terrace farming is practiced in
a) Coastal areas
b) Hills
c) Deserts
d) Plains
1 M

5 Millennium development Goal's conference of united nations was held in the year
a) 2002
b) 2000
c) 2005
d) None
1 M

6 Economic security is measured on the basis of
a) Labour markets and employment
b) Income
c) Work, jobs and skills
d) All of these
1 M

7 "Remote Sensing" is a
a) Satellite System
b) Ground segments
c) Sensor system
d) All of these
1 M

8 Green Revolution crop varities yield increases depend on the use of
a) Inorganic fertilizers
b) Pesticides
c) Energy
d) All of these
1 M

9 Buliding materials casuse environmental problems such as
a) Resource consumption
b) Water and air pollution
c) Habitat loss
d) All of these
1 M

10 Discharge of industrial waste water causes
a) Depletion of dissolved oxygen
b) Destroys aquatic life
c) Impair biological activity
d) All of these
1 M

11 Gold occurs in
a) Sedimentary deposits
b) Placer deposits
c) Hydrothermal deposits
d) None of these
1 M

12 EIA is used to
a) Establishing the environmental base line data
b) Impact identification on
c) Both a and b
d) To identify alternate industries
1 M

13 Sustainable use is applicable to
a) Renewable resources
b) Non renewable resources
c) Physical growth
d) None of these
1 M

14 Fluorosis is caused due to
a) No fluoride intake
b) Low fluoride intake
c) Excessive fluoride intake
d) None of these
1 M

15 Both power and manure is provided by
a) Nuclear plants
b) Thermal plants
c) Biogas plants
d) Hydroelectric plants
1 M

16 Percentage of fresh water available on earth is
a) 2.8%
b) 2.2%
c) 0.6%
1 M

17 Surface water potential of Karnataka is around
a) 20 M.ha-m
b) 18 M.ha-m
c) 17 M.ha-m
d) 28 M.ha-m
1 M

18 Ore is a
a) Metallic element
b) Non-metallic element
c) Plastic materials
d) Both a and b
1 M

19 Forest is
a) Simple ecosystem
b) complex ecosystem
c) Group of trees
d) None of these
1 M

20 Earth contains __________% nitrogen
a) 98%
b) 12%
c) 21%
1 M

21 Sulphur-di-oxide is used in
a) Paper manufacture
b) Textile manufacture
c) Processing fossil fuels
d) Both a and b
1 M

22 EMR propagate energy with a velocity of
a) 3x10^6m/se
b) 3x10^8m/se

c) 0.3x10^8m/se
d) 30x10^4m/se
1 M

23 Solar photo voltaic system are more suitable for
a) Domestic lighting
b) Street lighting
c) Small power plants
d) All of these
1 M

24 The first nuclear fission reactor in the world become critical in
a) June 1972
b) July 1974
c) December 1942
d) None of these
1 M

25 Greenhouse gases are
a) Chlorofluro carbons
b) Oxygen
c) Chlorine
d) Chloro benzene
1 M

26 Fossil fuel is also known as
a) Lubricating fuel
b) Liquid fuel
c) Solid fuel
d) Mineral fuel
1 M

27 Biogas is an excellent fuel when its methane content is about
a) 15%
b) 65%
c) 0%
1 M

28 Coal mining leads to adverse environmental effect like
a) Aesthetic degradation
b) Release of trace elements into water soil and air
c) Dust pollution
d) All of these
1 M

29 "Agro forestry" environmental benefits
a) Recycling of nutrients
b) Reduction of surface run-off nutrient leaching and soil erosion
c) Ecosystem protection
d) All of these
1 M

30 Geothermal energy is a
a) Heat energy
b) Current energy
c) wind energy
d) Solar energy
1 M

31 Acid rain is caused by increase in the atmospheric concentration of
a) Ozone and dust
b) SO2 and NO2
c) SO3 and CO
d) CO2 and CO
1 M

32 Gas leaked in Bhopal tragedy was
a) Potassium cynate
b) Sodium isothio cynate
c) Ethyl isocynnate
d) Methyl isocyannate
1 M

33 Noise limits at residential area is
a) 45 dB
b) 80 dB
c) 55 dB
d) 90 dB
1 M

34 Lead poisoning may cause
a) Reduction in haemoglobin
b) Kidney damage
c) Mental retardation
d) All of these
1 M

35 Taj Mahal at Agra may be damaged by
a) Sulphur dioxide
b) Chlorine
c) Hydrogen
d) Oxygen
1 M

36 Which of the following are natural sources of air pollution
a) Volcanic eruption
b) Solar flair
c) Earth quake
d) All of these
1 M

37 Environmental pollution is due to
a) Rapid urbanization
b) Deforestation
c) Afforestation
d) a and b
1 M

38 Ozone day is observed on
a) January 30
b) April 21
c) September 16
d) December 25
1 M

39 India's density of population according to census 2001
a) 350 per sq.km
b) 375 per sq.km
c) 324 per sq.km
d) 425 per sq.km
1 M

40 Green house effect is related to
a) Green trees and house
b) Global warming
c) Grass lands
d) Greenery in our country
1 M

41 Heavy duty diesel vehicles mainly contribute
a) NOx
b) SO2
c) Particulate
d) Both a and b
1 M

42 Use of compressed natural gas (CNG) came into effect from
a) December 2002
b) January 2002
c) December 2003
d) September 2003
1 M

43 Increase in asthma attacks has been linked to high levels of
a) Nitrogen
b) Oxygen
c) Air-borne dust particles
d) All of these
1 M

44 Urbanization is
a) Local environmental issue
b) National environmental issue
c) Both a and b
d) Not at all an issue
1 M

45 The number of babies produced per thousand individuals is called
a) Natality
b) Demography
c) Fertility rate
d) Emigration
1 M

46 ELISA test is used to detect
a) Malaria
c) Cholera
d) Tuberculosis
1 M

47 ICDS is a welfare scheme for
a) Public
b) Women
c) Men
d) Children
1 M

48 Karnataka state "pollution control board" was established in the year
a) 1974
b) 1982
c) 1986
1 M

49 Environmental protection Act 1986 deals with
a) Air
b) Water
c) Land
d) All of these
1 M

50 "Earth Day" is observed on
a) 1st December
b) 5th June
c) April 22nd
d) 1st January
1 M

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