VTU First Year Engineering (C Cycle) (Semester 1)
Environmental Studies
December 2012
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 In the world's population lndia accounts for
a) 10%
b) 5%
c) 25%
d) l6%
1 M

2 World Environmental Day is celebrated on
a) 5th June
b) 11th June
c) 12th January
d) 3rd September
1 M

3 Excess fluorides in drinking water is. likely to cause
a) blue babies
b) flurosis
c) taste and odour
d) intestinal irritation
1 M

4 The leader of Chipko movement is
a) Sunderlal Bahuguna
b) Medha Patlcar
c) lfandana Shiva
d) Suresh Heblikar
1 M

5 E.l.A can be expanded as
a) Environment and industrial Act
b) Environment and Impact Activities
c) Environment impact Assessment
d) Environmentally important Activities
1 M

6 Which of the following is not a biodegradable pollutant?
a) Plastic
b) Skins of vegetables and fruits
c) Dry leaves
d) Paper
1 M

7 Minarnata disease is caused bya) cadmium
b) strontium
c) mercury
d) uranium
1 M

8 BOD stan ds for
a) Biochemical Oxygen Demand
b) Biological Oxygen Demand
c) Biogeochemical Oxygen Demand
d) None of these
1 M

9 Greenhouse effect is caused lay excess of
a) CO2
b) H2 c) He d)O2
1 M

10 Photochemical smog is caused by
a)PAN + O2
b) PAN + O3
c) O3 + O2
d) PAN + CO2
1 M

11 Energy flow in any ecosystem is always
a) bidirectional
b) unidirectional
c) multidirectional
d) none of these
1 M

12 Sunderbans is the name of place in
a) Assam
b) West Bengal
c) Kantatalra
d) All ofthese
1 M

13 Mangrove Forests are seen in
a) Mumbai
b) Nicobar islands
c) West Bengal
d) All of these
1 M

14 Rearing fish is called
a) pisciculture
b) sericulture
c) fishiculrure
d) horticulture
1 M

15 Western Ghats are not located in
a) North East India
b) Maharashtra
c) Peninsular India
d) Gujarat
1 M

16 Medha Patkar is famous for
a) Chipko Movement
b) Narmada Bachao Andolan
c) Green Revolution
d) Silent Valley Project
1 M

17 Examples of renewable resources are
a) wind energy
b) solar energy
c) tidal energy
d) all of these
1 M

18 Biogas is made up mostly of
a) hydrogen
b) carbon dioxide
c) ethane
d) methane
1 M

19 Pyramid of numbers in a pond ecosystem is always
a) inverted
b) erect
c) irregular
d) none of these
1 M

20 Cycling of materials in the biosphere is calleda) biochemical cycle
b) biophysical cycle
c) bio-geochemical cycle
d) geochemical cycle
1 M

1 M

22 Salim Ali was an expert in
a) agricultural sciences
b) rainwater harvesting
c) ornithology
d) environmental law
1 M

23 Which of the following diseases is not spread by water?
a) diarrhea
b) chickenpox
c) cholera
d) dysentery
1 M

24 D.D.T. is a
a) fungicide
b) pesticide
c) fertilizer
d) disinfectant
1 M

25 Which of the following waste material is degradable?
a) plastic
b) metal
c) glass
d) paper
1 M

26 Environmental Education is targeted to
a) general public
b) professional social groups
c) technicians and scientists
d) all of these
1 M

27 Bhopal gas tragedy caused due to leakage of
a) Methyl lso Cyanide {MIC}
b) Suplhur dioxide
c) Mustard gas
d) Methane
1 M

28 Which state is having highest women literacy rate in India?
a) Karnataka
b) Punjab
c) Rajasthan
d) Kerela
1 M

29 The virus that causes AIDS is
a) HIV
b) TMV
c) HMV
d) none of these
1 M

30 Kalahazar is spread by
a) tape worms
b) rats
c) mosquitoes
d) sand flies
1 M

31 Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas ?
a) CO2
b) CH4
c) CFC
d) H2
1 M

32 Ionizing radiations of ecological importance area) Alpha Rays
b) Beta Rays
c) Gama Rays
d) None of these
1 M

33 The proportion of methane in biogas is
a) 20-30%
b) 10-30%
c) 60-70%
d) 80-90%
1 M

34 Which is not a natural disaster?
a) Cyclone
b) Nuclear explosion
c) Earthquake
d) Volcano
1 M

35 Landslides arc caused by
a) earthquakes
b) dam building
c) mining
d) all of these
1 M

36 Radiation is a health hazard because it leads to
a) typhoid
b) cancer
c) colour blindness
d) pneumonia
1 M

37 Which of these gases causes air pollution?
a) Nitrogen
b) Hydrogen
c) Water - vapour
d) Carbon monoxide
1 M

38 Kitchen Wastes contain
a) non-biodegradable pollutants
b) biodegradable pollutants
c) radioactive pollutants
d) none of these
1 M

39 Water pollution is caused by
a) sewage
b) industrial effluents
c) discharge from Forms
d) all of these
1 M

40 D.D.T pollutesa) air
b) water
c) soil
d) all of these
1 M

41 Pyramid of energy is alwaysa) inverted
b) erect
c) rectangular
d) none of these
1 M

42 Herbivores are
a) primary producers
b) consumers
c) decomposers
d) all of these
1 M

43 The sequence of organisms in a food chain is
a) consumer ? producer ? decomposer
b) decomposer ? consumer ? producer
c) producer ? decomposer ? consumer
d) producer ? consumer ? decornposer
1 M

44 Which of the following is a top carnivore?
a) Tiger
b) Crocodile
c) Hawk
d) All of these
1 M

45 One method of Nitrogen fixation in nature is by
a) thunder
b) rain
c) lightning
d) storm
1 M

46 Coal is a
a) renewable source of energy
b) inexhaustible source of energy
c) non-renewable source of energy
d) none of these
1 M

47 Which of the following is a non-polluting source of energy?
a) Coal
b) Petroleum
c) Natural gas
d) Solar energy
1 M

48 Deforestation is majorly caused by
a) mining
b) overgrazing
c) dam building
d) all of these
1 M

49 Major dams may cause
a) earthquakes
b) hurricanes
c) storms
d) cyclones
1 M

1 M

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