VTU First Year Engineering (C Cycle) (Semester 2)
Environmental Studies
June 2013
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 The word environment is derived from.a) Greek
b) French
c) Spanish
d) English
1 M

2 DDT (dichloro diphenyl Trichloro Ethane) was discovered bya) Paul Mueller
b) Ernt Hoeckel
c)Charles Alton
d) Charnokite
1 M

3 A Pesticide/insecticide which has reported to cause physical deformities and disease in infantsin Karnataka and Kerala states recently isa) Endosulfan
b) DDT
c) Amitraz
d) None of these
1 M

4 The Bhopal tragedy occurred at union carbide on December 2"d 1984. due to leakage ofa) Methyl isocyanate
b) Iodine - 131
c) Cesium - 137
d) None of these
1 M

5 Environmental protection is the responsibility ofa) Government of India
b) NGO?s
c) Individual
d) None of these
1 M

6 The human activity, among the following, which causes maximum environmental pollutionhaving regional and global impact isa) Agriculture
b) Urbanisation
c) Industrialisation
d) Mining
1 M

7 The world total quantum of water isa) 1.4 billion cubic kilometer
b) 2.6 billion cubic kilometer
c) 0.4 billion cubic kilometer
d) None of these
1 M

8 The major objectives of family welfare programmes in India isa) Disease control
b) Population growth rate control
c) Employment generation
d) None of these
1 M

9 Electromagnetic radiation energy is an energy in the form ofa) Light
b) Wave
c) Heat
d) All of these
1 M

10 Economic security is measured on the basis ofa) Income
b) Work, Job and Skills
c) Labour market and employment
d) All of these
1 M

11 Dental caries in children may be caused due to water supplies deficient ina) Calcium
b) Flouride
c) Iron
d) None ofthese
1 M

12 In Foodchain humans area) Primary consumers
b) Secondary consumers
c) Primary and secondary consumers
d) Producers
1 M

13 The country which has the largest number of child labours in the world is a) India
b) Bangladesh
c) China
1 M

14 The perfect equilibriurm existing in the biosphere between the various organisms is knowna) Environment balance
b) Ecological balance
c) Ecological cycle
d) None of these
1 M

15 The solid wastes materials from offices, residence areas are calleda) Garbage
b) Rubbish
c) Waste
d) None of these
1 M

16 BOD is a measure of a) Non biodegradable organic matter
b) Biodegradable organic matter
c) Both a and b
d) None of these
1 M

17 World?s AIDS day is celebrated ona) 1st December
b) 2nd October
c) l5th November
d) 11th December
1 M

18 EIA is related toa) Resource conservation
b) Efficient equipment
c) Waste minimization
d) All of these
1 M

19 Water contaminated with cadmium can cause disease like a) Itai Itai
b) Minamata
c) Ouch ouch
d) Both a and c
1 M

20 UN general assembly proclaimed the universal declaration of human rights in Paris ona) 16th May 1994
b) 10th December 1948
c) 15th November 1980
d) 11th December 1949
1 M

21 The Nuclear reactor (unit-3) in Japan that exploded on 12th March releaseda) Oxygen
b) Hydrogen
c) Methane
d) Argon
1 M

22 Water borne disease can spread rapidly due toa) Proper sanitation
b) Improper sanitation
c) Improve sanitation
d) None of these
1 M

23 Wet deposition is a measure ofa) Acid Rain
b) Automobile combustion source
c) PAN
d) Suspended particulate matter
1 M

24 Water logging is a phenomena ofa) Excessive irrigation of crop lands for growth of crops
b) Decrease in soil strength
c) Soil roots become saturated due to over irrigation
d) All of these
1 M

25 Environmental (protection) act was enacted in the yeara) 1986
b) 1974
c) 1992
d) 1984
1 M

26 A serious health hazard disease known as ?Blue Baby Syndrome? is caused when the titratelevel in the ground water exceedsa) 25 mg/l
b) 2.5 mg/l
c) 250 mg/l
d) None of these
1 M

27 What is the maximum allowable concentration of fluorides in drinking water?a) 1.0 mg/l
b) 1.25 mg/l
c) 1.50 mg/I
d) 1.75 mg/l
1 M

28 Eutrophication is aa) An improved quality of water
b) A process in carbon cycle
c) The result accumulation of plant nutrients in water bodies
d) Water purification techniques
1 M

29 Typhoid, cholera are examples ofa) Viral infection
b) Bacterial infection
c) Protozoan infection
d) None of these
1 M

30 World?s environment day is held ona) June 5th
b) November 23rd
c) April 22nd
d) January 26th
1 M

31 Earth day is held on every yeara) June 5th
b) November 23rd
c) April 22nd
d) January 26th
1 M

32 The word ecology is proposeda) Ernt Hoekel
b) Helena curtis
c) Charles sourth wick
d) Charles Alton
1 M

33 The liquid wastes from baths and kitchens are called a) Sullage
b) Domestic sewage
c) Storm water
d) Run off
1 M

34 The effect of acid rain isa) Reduces soil fertility
b) Increases atmospheric temperature
c) Causing respiratory problems
d) Skin cancer
1 M

35 Which state is having women literacy in India?a) Karnataka
b) Punjab
c) Rajasthan
d) Kerala
1 M

36 World ozone day is celebrated on a) September 5th
b) October 15th
c) September 16th
d) September 11th
1 M

37 Definition of noise isa) Loud sound
b) unwanted sound
c) constant sound
d) sound of high frequency
1 M

38 Which of the following is not a renewable source of energy?a) Fossil fuels
b) Solar energy
c) Tidal wave energy
d) Wind energy
1 M

39 Which of the following is not a green house gas?a) Oxygen
b) Carbon-di-oxide
c) Chlorofluro carbon
d) Methane
1 M

40 Objective of environmental studies is toa) Raise consciousness about enviromnental conditions.
b) Create environmental ethics the faster awareness about the ecological inter dependence ofeconomic, social and political factors in a human community and the enviromnent.
c) Teach environmentally appropriate behaviour.
d) All of these
1 M

41 EIA is abbreviated form fora) Energy impact assessment
b) Ecological impact assessment
c) Environmental impact assessment
d) Emission impact assessment.
1 M

42 The central pollution control board was established under the provision ofa) Environment (protection) Act 1986
b) Air (prevention and control) Act 1981
c) Water (prevention and control of pollution) Act 1974
d) None of these
1 M

43 Which of the following statement is not true about animal husbandry?a) It is a part of agricultural activity
b) It is breeding, feeding and management of animals
c) It is live stock production
d) It is protective of wild life.
1 M

44 The distance upto which exclusive economic zone of a country extends beyond its baseline isa) 12 nautical miles
b) 24 nautical miles
c) 200 nautical miles
d) 100 nautical miles
1 M

45 The fossil fuel which cause maximum environmental pollution due to its use in generation ofthermal power isa) Coal
b) Oil
c) Natural gas
d) None of these
1 M

46 Extensive planting of trees to increase cover is called a) Afforestation
b) Agro-forestition
c) Deforestation
d) Social forestry
1 M

47 Most stable eco-system isa) Forest
b) Desert
c) Ocean
d) Mountains
1 M

48 What is the pH range of drinking water?a) 6 to 9
b) 6.5 to 8.5
c) 6 to 8.5
d) 6.5 to 7.5
1 M

49 A food web consists ofa) A portion of a food chain
b) An organism position in food chain
c) Interlocking of food chain
d) A set of similar consumer
1 M

50 Which of the following is terrestrial ecosystem?a) Forest
b) Grass land
c) Desert
d) All of these
1 M

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