MU Civil Engineering (Semester 6)
Design and Drawing of Steel Structures
May 2017
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Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Solve any one question from Q.1 and Q.1
1 The flooring system of an industrial shed is planned as shown in fig. Design Beam SB1 and MB1 and a beam to beam connection between them with top flange of beam at same level. Use ISMB section to design beam assuming beam to be laterally supported throughout. For following data
Thickness of slab = 15cm,
Thickness of wall - 23cm,
Height of parapet wall - 1.2m
Live Load -2kN/m2
Unit weight of concrete and wall 25kN/m3 and 20kN/m3
32 M
1 A trus is provide over an industrial building in the vicinity of Mumbai as shown in fig. Calculate Panel point load of DL, LL and WL to design member AB, BC, AP, PO and BP for following data, K1 =1.0, K2 = 0.98
K3=1.0 and (Cpe-Cpi)= -0.8
Rise of truss -1/4,
Self- weightof purlin - 200 N/m, and weight of AC sheets -170N/m2
Spacing of truss -3m,
Span of truss = 16m
32 M

2(a) Determine capacity of two ISMC 300 @ 351.2 N/m which are provided Back to Back with effective height of column as 6200mm, calculate minimum spacing to be provided between two channel and dimensions of lacing flat (Only) assuming single lacing system.
12 M
2(b) Discuss various failure modes of compression member.
4 M

3(a) A Column ISHB 350@ 661N/m carries axial compressive factored load of 1850kN, Design suitable bolted gusseted base to rest on concrete pedestal with bearing capacity 10000kN/m2 and bolt diameter-20 mm
12 M
3(b) Determine length of weld required to a reasion member of roof truss, single ISA 100×100×8, subjected to a factored axial load of 200kN, If Cxx =27.6 and size of weld = 6mm. Draw a sketch showing arrangement of weld. (Lw1 and Lw2)
4 M

4(a) Design bolted bracket connection to support an end reaction of 240kN due to factores load, the column section is ISHB [email protected]/m, and load acts at an eccentricity of 225mm from web of column, thickness of bracket plate may be taken as 12mm and olt diameter -20mm
8 M
4(b) A ISHB 350@486N/m used as laterlly unsupported beam over a span of 5.3m, calculate lateral torsional bucking moment (Mcr) Considering E 2×105 and G = 76.92×103 N/mm2
8 M

5(a) A simply supported welded palte girder of span 12m is subjected to DL of 20 kN/m and LL of 20 kN/m excluding self-weight, it's also subjected to two point load of 600kN at 4m from each support, the compression flange of girder is laterally supported throughout. Assuming the depth of plate girder is restricted to 1500mm and NO intermediate stiffeners are provided design, --
i) Design, give relevant check and draw cross section of plate girder
ii) Design and stiffeners.
12 M
5(b) Draw stress distribution diagram for plastic, compact, semi- compact and slender section.
4 M

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