MU Civil Engineering (Semester 6)
Design and Drawing of Steel Structures
May 2015
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 (a) The flooring system for an industrial shed is as shown. Design the beam SB1, MB1 and the connections between them. Use I-section for beams and provide cover if necessary. Top flanges of beams are at same level and embedded in concrete of 200 mm thick RCC slab. The parapet wall of 230 mm thickness and 1.2 m in height is provided on all peripheral beams.

32 M
1 (b) Figure shows the configurations of a Compound Fink roof truss having span as 12 m, rise 3 m with spacing of trusses 4 m c/c. Take a section 1-1 and calculate forces in members BC,FC and FG due load, live load and wind load. Also design the members. Assume suction pressure on both slopes as 5 KN/m2.

32 M

2 (a) Two channels ISMC 300@ 71.6 Kg/m are placed back to from a laced column. The height of column is 9 m having both ends effectively held in position & also restrained against rotation. Determine load carrying capacity of column if
(i) the spacing between their webs is 160 mm
(ii) the spacing between their webs is 180 mm
(iii) the spacing between their webs is 200 mm.
Which of the above arrangement is advisable? Give reason.
12 M
2 (b) Develop the equation for bending moment acting on a batten.
4 M

3 An ISHB 300 with one cover plate 400 mm× 16 mm on each flange is used as a corainn for effective height of 4.8 m. Find the load carrying capacity of column. Design the suitable welded connection between cover plate and I-section. Also design the suitable slab base assume safe bearing pressure on concrete and soil as 6000 KN/m2 & 160 KN/m2 respectively.
16 M

4 Design the central section of 25 m long plate girder subjected to a factored load of 60KN/m inclusive of self weight. Provide suitable curtailment of flange plates . Also design suitable welded connection between web and flange plates.
16 M

5 (a) Explain web bucking & web crippling in beam.
4 M
5 (b) Determine the load 'P' that can be safely applied on the bracket connection as shown. All the connection bolts are of 20 mm diameter and dimensions shown are in mm.

12 M

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