GTU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
December 2015
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Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Objective Question (MCQ)
1(a)1 Hardness of water is expressed in equivalents of ..........
(A) MgCO3
(B) CaCO3
(C) BaSO4 (D) MgSO4
1 M
1(a)2 Temporary hardness of water is caused by the presence of
(A) Chlorides of calcium and magnesium
(B) Sulphates of calcium and magnesium
(C) Bicarbonates of calcium and magnesium
(D) Carbonates of calcium and magnesium
1 M
1(a)3 Free radical polymerization
mechanism requires (A) Catalyst
(B) Initiator
(C) Fillers
(D) Sulphur
1 M
1(a)4 Example of addition polymer is
(A) Polystyrene
(B) Polyethene
(C) Poly vinyl chloride
(D) All
1 M
1(a)5 Chemical formula of Rust is..........
(A) Fe2O3
(B) FeO
(C) Fe2O3. XH2O
(D) Fe2O3
1 M
1(a)6 Ratio of volumes of metal oxides to metal is known as,
(A) Specific mass ratio
(B) Volume ratio
(C) Specific ratio
(D) Specific volume ratio
1 M
1(a)7 Which metal is not employed as Sacrificial anode?
(A) Mg
(B) Zn
(C) Al
(D) Na
1 M
1(b)1 Thermosetting polymers are (A) Cross linked
(B) Heat resistant
(C) Non-recyclable
(D) All
1 M
1(b)2 Corrosion is a process reverse of ______ of metal.
(A) Destruction
(B) Extraction
(C) Rusting
(D) Galvanizing
1 M
1(b)3 When temporary hard water is boiled, one of the substance formed is
(A) CaCO3
(B) CaSO4
(C) Hcl
(D) CO2
1 M
1(b)4 Type of bond in NH3
(A) Covalent
(B) Ionic
(C) Both A&B
(D) None of these
1 M
1(b)5 Natural rubber is .......... (A) Polychloroprene
(B) Cis-Polyisoprene
(C) Polyneoprene
1 M
1(b)6 Electrochemical corrosion takes place on,
(A) Anodic area
(B) Cathodic area
(C) Near cathode
(D) Near anode
1 M
1(b)7 In Proximate analysis of coal the % of which is Determined ..........
(A) Nitrogen
(B) Sulphur
(C) Carbon
(D) Fixed carbon
1 M

2(a) What is biotechnology? Discuss its importance in Agriculture.
3 M
2(b) Give the classification of refractory. Explain its Characteristics.
4 M
2(c) Write short note on: Fermentation process.
7 M

3(a) Discuss the setting and hardening of cement.
3 M
3(b) What is polymerization? Give synthesis of nylon.
4 M
3(c) Write short note on: Fractional distillation of petroleum.
7 M

4(a) Explain Biodegradable polymer with examples.
3 M
4(b) Give difference between dry and wet process of cement manufacture.
4 M
4(c) Describe the manufacture of Portland cement by rotary kiln technology.
7 M

5(a) What is pilling bed worth rule?
3 M
5(b) Explain theory and mechanism of wet corrosion.
4 M
5(c) Write short note on corrosion control.
7 M

6(a) Give classification of alloys and its important application.
3 M
6(b) Explain break point chlorination.
4 M
6(c) What is desalination of brackish water? Discuss any one method of desalination.
7 M

7(a) What are the disadvantages of using hard water in boiler operations?
3 M
7(b) Calculate the weight and volume of air required for the combustion of 0.5kg of carbon.
4 M
7(c) What are fibers? Give classification and application of liquid crystals.
7 M

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