SPPU Civil Engineering (Semester 4)
Architectural Planning & Design of Buildings
May 2017
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Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Solve any one question from Q.1(a,b) &Q.2(a,b)
1(a) Write a short note on TDR. Who is eligible for TDR and enlist the documents required for TDR?
7 M
1(b) Write short notes on:
i) Green roofing
ii) Cost effective housing.
6 M

2(a) Write a short note on NOC from roads National and State Highways. Which dicuments are required for application?
7 M
2(b) Explain the follwing principle of architectural planning with sketches:
i) Unity
ii) Composition.
6 M

Solve any one question from Q.3(a,b) & Q.4(a,b)
3(a) What do you mean by perspective drawing? What are the objectives of perspective drawing?
7 M
3(b) Write short note on:
i) Reverberation and Sabine's expression
ii) Formation of echoes.
6 M

4(a) Write short notes on:
i) Winter air conditioning system
ii) Summer air conditioning system.
7 M
4(b) Write a short note on Open pipe system and Two pipe system of plumbing.
6 M

Solve any one question from Q.5 & Q.6
5 Draw a detailed plant to scale of 1:50 or suitable for line plan shown in fig.
Refer the following guidelines
i) The structure is RCC framed structure.
ii) Wall thickness: External - 230 mm, Internal-100mm
iii) Assume suitable size of doors and windows
Access to the terrace is provided through staircase
v) Floor to floor height - 600 mm
vii) All the dimensions are in mm
viii) Thread - 250mm
Riser - 180mm
13 M

6 Draw to a scale 1:50 or suitable, detailed plan of a bungalow for the following conditions:
i) Living room 1 no - 18m2 approx
ii) Kitchen cum dining -12m2 approx.
iii) Master bedroom (inclusive of toilet) - 18m2 approx.
iv) Guest room - 12m2 v) Study room -12m2
vi) 1 separate WC and bath
vii) Passage -1.2m wide
viii) Floor to floor height - 3.0 m
ix) RCC framed structure
x) Plinth height - 600 mm
xi) Provide suitable staircase
13 M

Solve any one question from Q.7 &Q.8
7 Design a primary school for 5 classrooms, the building is single storied and is RCC framed structure. The following units are be provided:
i) Number of students per classroom - 40
ii) Primary classroom - 50m2
iii) Drawing room - 75m2
iv) Headmasters room - 15m2
v) Administrative office -30m2
vi) Common staff room = 60m2
vii) Medical unit - 30m2
viii) Book store - 15m2
ix) Sanitary block (Ladies and gents) : suitable no.
Draw to a scale of 1:50 or suitable, line plan with North line.
12 M

8 Design a Rest House for 6 rooms, the buliding is single storied and RCC framed structure. The folowing units are to be provided:
i) Bedroom with attached toilet:
a) Bedroom -12m2
b) Toilet -3m2
ii) Circulation space verandah -2m wide
iii) Dining hall - 20m2
iv) Kitchen -12m2
v) Store - 6m2
vi) Office-12m2
vii) Sanitary block (Ladies and gents) - Suitable no. Draw to a suitable scale line plant with North direction.
12 M

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