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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1(a) List out Quality of service [QOS] attributes in UMTS.
5 M
1(b) Explain 'Hidden Node' and 'exposed node' problem in wireless LANs.
5 M
1(c) How is power control implemented in CDMA?
5 M
1(d) Draw and expalin with neat diagram, the components of Senser nodes.
5 M

2(a) Calculate the down link cell load factor and numbers of voice users per cell for a WCDMA system using the following data. What is the pole capacity of the cell?
1) Information Rate (Ri) = 12.2kbps
2) Chip rate (Rc) = 3.84 Mcps
3) Eb/Nt=4db
4) Average interference factors due to others cells = 0.5
5) Orthogonality factor =0.65
6) Interference margin=3db.
10 M
2(b) What is Localization in wireless sensor network? Explain with examples centralized and distributed schemes in Localization algorithms.
10 M

3(a) Give the detailed radio Access Network overview. Explain in detail functions of Node B and RNC also draw UTRAN logical architecture.
10 M
3(b) Explain the ZigBee technology. Discuss different Network Topologies that are supported in Zigbee.
10 M

4(a) Explain Link budget analysis of requirements of wireless networks.
10 M
4(b) Explain Various Bluetooth connection establishment states. Draw a complete flow diagram.
10 M

5(a) Give technical requirements of IEEE 802.15.3a Physical layer w.r.t. data rates, power consumption, power management modes, scalability and interference, etc.
10 M
5(b) Why Network management design issue is critical issue in wireless sensor network? Give reasons.
10 M

6(a) Write short notes on:
a) Wimax
b) Rake Receivers.
20 M

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