AU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Technical English 2
May 2014
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 Match the words in column 'A' with their meaning in column 'B'.
(a) prohibitivean unpleasant or difficult situation
(b) adversity begin placed underwater
(c) discardvery expensive, unaffordable
(d) submergencedispose of, get rid of
2 M

2 Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the words:
Noun Adjective Person concerned
(a) _______ technology _______
(b) _______ historiographical _______
(c) _______ ________ architech
(d) environment ________ _______
2 M

3 Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.
Success people understand that attitude is a choice, which includes enthusiasm. People who wait ______ external forces to help them spark their enthusiasm are _______ other people's mercy all the time. They are likely to run hot or cold based ______ what is going on around them ______ any given moment. However, positive people are positive because they choose to be.
2 M

4 Use any TWO of the following phrases in sentences of your own: (a) roll back
(b) hunt down
(c) give away
(d) strike off
2 M

5 Use the hints below to make sentences expression purpose:
Example: Binocular-observes birds from a distance
Answer: A binocular is used to observe birds from a distance.
(a) Radio telescope find stars and the position of spacecraft, etc.
(b) Ammeter measures the strength of an electric current
(c) Sterilizer makes objects or substances completely free from bacteria
(d) Amplifier makes sounds or radio signals louder
2 M

6 Join the 'causes' in column 'A' with the 'effect' found in column 'B' using cause and effect expression ('due to' , 'on account of', 'because of') and write four sentences:
A (Cause) B (Effect)
(a) Fire accident short circuit
(b) Indiscriminate urbanization disappearance of wet lands
(c) Exposure to high decibel noise high blood pressure and irritability
(d) The boom in the IT market lot of job opportunities
2 M

7 Rewrite the following expressions as shown in the given example:
Example: a program lasting 50 minutes
Answer: a 50-minute program
(a) a bulb with a power of 40 Watts
(b) a running race of 900 meters
(c) a granite roof slab of 30 tons
(d) a squad with 7 members
2 M

8 Edit the following passage-by correcting the mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation:
a great advance in potery followed the invention of the potter's Wheel and the kiln it is not certainly known where the potter's wheel is first used, but it is thought that by about 3500 BC. potters in Central Asia were using some kind of wheel. From there its use spread west and east to Egypt Crete China ?nd then to Ancient Greece and Rome.
2 M

9 Select any TWO from the words given in the box and use them as nouns and as verbs in separate sentences:
(a) The project was implemented last year.
(b); The picture was projected on the screen
(a) break (b) answer (c) attempt
2 M

10 Fill in the blanks with articles (a, an, the):
A detective's work is decided by _______ type of crime to which he is assigned. ______ officer working in a big city, either in Britain or America, will deal all day, every day, 7 with assaults, robberies, thefts, murders whatever comes his way. If he is assigned to ______ specialist unit, like ______ Murder Squad in London, his interests are centred on the people who commit those crimes, and the rest of the world passes him by.
2 M

11 (a) Read the passage and answer the question that follow it:
We were trying to stalk a dazzle of zebras which flashed in and out of long strip of green and yellow fever trees, with an ostrich, its feathers flared like a ballet skirt around its dancing legs, on their flank, when suddenly two shots, fired quickly one after the other, snapped the tense silence ahead.
My blood went cold within me. Instinctively I looked at Samutchoso. His face was without, expression and yet I knew he had heard and that a change accordingly had taken place within him. With an acute sense of guilt, I realized I had forgotten to keep my promise to him. My anxieties in the swamp, my absorption with the problem of Spode, the long journey out and back from Johannesburg, and many other things had overlaid the moment when he and I had first discussed the journey to the hills. I had completely overlooked the essential condition of the promise extracted by him from me: that there should be no killing on our way to the hills. I had forgotten to tell our companions of Samutchoso's account of the spirits' law against killing on approach to their home.
John and Jeremiah were close by the land-Rover disembowelling a wart-hog. Vyan was followed by, Cheruyiot with a Steenbuck across his shoulders. The expression on Samutchoso's face was almost more than I could bear.
From there we pushed on faster because the passage over the blackened plain was easy. By eleven o'clock the highest of the hills rose above the blue of distance. After so many weeks in flat land and level swamp the sudden lift of the remote hills produced an immediate emotion and one experienced immediately that urge to devotion which once made hills and mountains sacred to man then believed that wherever the earth soared upward to meet the sky one was in the presence of an act of the spirit as much as a feature of geology. I thought of the psalmist's 'I will uplift my eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help',land marvelled that the same instinct had conducted Samutchoso to the hills to pray.
The never we came the stronger this impression grew, and as the hills rose at last clear above the bush they seemed to communicate their own atmosphere to us all. The highest could not have been more than a thousand feet. But they rose sheer out of the flat plain and were from the base up made entirely of stone, and this alone, in a World of deep sand, gave them a sense of mystery. The others, too, felt it.
The sun was setting by the time we had made camp, collected wood-for our fires and installed ourselves for a stay of several days. Still no sound or movement came from bush or hills. Even a stir of evening air would have been welcome to ease the immovable and shining heat hanging in the horseshoe bowl of rocks. Just before dark I took my gun and Walked alone to the narrow gap between the highest of the hills in the hope that there I might meet some cooling air. But it was just as bad there so I started back at a quickened pace because the light was fast beginning to fail, and the silent raised rock faces made me feel acutely uncomfortable. In hat red afterglow of fan immense Kalahari sunset they had a strange, living personality as if their life had been only temporarily suspended, and they might wake up, at any moment step down, and walk the desert.
At this point I was deeply startled by a sound coming from the rocks on my right. I swung round, my gun ready, and the hair slowly creeping at the back of my neck
(a) Write the response which best reflects the meaning of the text:
(i) When the shorts were fired, Samutchoo
(1) did not hear them
(2) felt very guilty
(3) showed no feelings
(4) looked angry

(ii) The author had made a promise to Samutchoso
(1) along time before
(2) that morning
(3) in Johannesburg
(4) the moment before

(iii) They felt a strong sensation When they first saw the hills because
(1) the hills were sacred to them
(2) they were frightened by them
(3) the hills were a contrast to the plains
(4) they believed in spirits

(iv) The hills were mysterious because. they Were
(1) very high
(2) made of steep rock
(3) sacred to them.
(4) completely-windless

(v) How long did the group intend. stay in the hills?
(1) until-morning
(2) a few weeks
(3) one day
(4) a few days
5 M
11 (b) State whether the following statement are true or false:
(i) Samutchoso did not believe in spirits
(ii) The writer had told his friends about his promise to Samutchoso.
(iii) They were all deeply impressed by the hills.
(iv) The hills were made of sand.
(v) It was already dark when they put up their tents.
(vi) The writer came down from the gap between the hills because he felt uneasy.
6 M
11 (c) Choose the definition which best reflects the meaning of the words as it is:
(i) Stalk (paragraph 1)
(1) Shoot
(2) Photograph
(3) Follow
(4) Catch

(ii) Flared (paragraph 1)
(1) On fire
(2) hanging down
(3) Spread out
(4) Going up and down
(iii) Soared (paragraph 4)
(1) Fall
(2) Hurt
(3) Rose
(4) Exploded

(iv) Sheer (paragraph 5)
(1) Steeply
(2) Quickly
(3) Roughly
(4) Gently

(v) Suspended (paragraph 6)
(1) Ended
(2) Interrupted
(3) Changed
(4) Delayed
5 M

Solve any one question from Q12 (a) & Q12 (b)
12 (a) Read the following advertisement published in 'The Hindu' and write a letter of application. Enclose your resume with the letter of application:
Shark Software Solutions is a multinational software company.
It offers software solutions for medical equipment design industries.
We are currently looking for software Engineer's.
Qualification : B.E./B.Tech.
Experience : Minimum 2 years experience in software development
Requirements: (a) Problem solving skills to. assess design alternatives
(b) Excellent communication skills
(c) Team player attributes
Send your application with CV to Human Resource Manager, Shark Software Solutions, No.27, North Cross Street, Sripet, Chennai-600 081
16 M
12 (b) Imagine that your college gives funds for innovative projects that strive to find out solutions to the problems of the people. So, prepare a project proposal in the proper format and state the aim, objectives, and design of the project clearly. Submit the project proposal with a covering letter to the Director of your college.
16 M

Solve any one question from Q13 (a) & Q13 (b)
13 (a) Assume that you are working as a Project Leader in Hi-tech Company, George High Road, Bangalore - 25. In the Conference Hall, there was a fire accident in the day time because of short circuit. Around 5 employees were severely injured and 15 desktop computers 'were completely damaged in the fire accident. Write a detailed report. to the Chief Engineer of your company about the accident and the steps that can be taken to avoid such accidents in the future.
16 M
13 (b) The State government plans to launch mobile library service for the people residing in rural areas and on the outskirts of cities. Before executing this plan, it wants to know the opinions of the people about the mobile library service. As you are a member of the mobile library service committee, you have been asked to conduct a survey to collect the details about the suggestions of the students and the public. Write a report based on the survey with a covering letter and send it to the Project Coordinator, Mobile Library Service Committee, Chennai. Your report should not exceed 250 words.
16 M

Solve any one question from Q14 (a) & Q14 (b)
14 (a) Write a set of eight recommendations to ensure better health care for the poor people in villages.
16 M
14 (b) Imagine that you are the Secretary of the Fine Arts Association in your college. You wish to convene a meeting to discuss several aspects related to dance festival, which is to be conducted in the college campus. Prepare- a checklist of eight important items that need to be discussed in the meeting for conducting the festival successfully. Give a suitable title for the checklist.
16 M

Solve any one question from Q15 (a) & Q15 (b)
15 (a) Technology and its impact on common man.
16 M
15 (b) Using robots as human workers.
16 M

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