MU Civil Engineering (Semester 7)
Solid Waste Management
December 2016
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1(a) Explain the functional elements of municipal solid waste management.
5 M
1(b) Estimate the moisture content of municipal solid waste sample with the following composition.
Component %by mass moisture  content%
Food waste 20 70
Paper 40 6
Card board 10 5
Plastics 10 2
Garden Trimnings 10 60
Wood 5 20
Tin cans 5 3
5 M
1(c) Explain the sources of municipal solid waste.
5 M
1(d) Write a note on E-waste.
5 M

2(a) Explain the physical and chemical characteristics of municipal solid waste.
10 M
2(b) Explain the importance of re-use and recycling in context to solid waste management.
5 M
2(c) Why transfer stations are necessary? What are the various types.
5 M

3(a) Estimate the theoretical volume of methane gas that could be expected from the anaerobic digestion of a tonne of waste having the composition C55 H110 O35 N1 \(C_aH_bO_cN_d+ \left ( \frac{4a-b-2c+3d}{4} \right )H_2O\rightarrow \\ \frac{4a+b-2c-3d}{8} CH_2+\frac{4a-b+2c+3d}{8}Co_2+dNH_3 \)/
10 M
3(b) What is landfill? Explain the types of landfill with neat sketch.
10 M

Write a short note any 4 Q4.(a,b,c,d,e,f)
4(a) Pyrolysis
5 M
4(b) Hazardous waste
5 M
4(c) Sampling of solid waste
5 M
4(d) Incinerator
5 M
4(e) Legal aspects of solid waste diposal
5 M
4(f) Segregation
5 M

5(a) Write in brief about Bio-medical waste management.
6 M
5(b) Calculate the energy content of solid waste having following composition using modified dulong's formula
Component % by mass
Carbon 36.3
Hydrogen 7.3
Oxygen 51.1
Nitrogen 0.5
Sulphur 0.1
Ash 4.7
6 M
5(c) With the help of neat sketch explain the hauled container system.
8 M

6(a) Determine the amount of air required to oxidise completely 1 tonne waste having chemical equation C50 H100 O40 N \( C_aH_bO_cN_d+ \left ( \frac{4a-b-2c+3d}{4} \right )O_2\rightarrow aCO_2 ++\frac{b-3d}{2}H_2O+dNH_3 \)/
10 M
6(b) Explain house to house collection method of solid waste management.
5 M
6(c) What are the factors which affects the composting process.
5 M

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