MU Computer Engineering (Semester 6)
Software Engineering
May 2016
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Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 Develop the SRS for the following scenario:
A school has one or more department. Department offers or more subjects. A particular subject will be offered by only department. Department has instructors and instructors can work for one or more departments. Students can enrol in up to 5 subject in a school. Instructor can teach up 3 subjects. The same subject can be taught by the different instructors. Students can be enrolled in more than one school.
SRS for the school should include the following:
      a. Product perspective
      b. Scope and object
      c. Functional requirements
      d. Non-Functional requirements
20 M

2(a) Explain and compare FTR and walkthrough.
10 M
2(b) Explain the process of CMM.
10 M

3(a) Explain coupling & cohesion. Explain different types of coupling & cohesion.
10 M
3(b) What are Agile process and its advantages? Explain any one Agile process.
10 M

4(a) Explain the change control and version control activities in SCM.
10 M
4(b) Differentiate between black box testing and white box testing. Explain in detail about any one testing tool.
10 M

5(a) What are the different types of maintenance and also explain steps for creating a maintenance log?
10 M
5(b) What is user interface design process? Explain with one example.
10 M

Write short notes on (Any two)
6(a) Risk management.
10 M
6(b) Reverse Engineering.
10 M
6(c) Service-Oriented Software Engineering.
10 M
6(d) Object oriented testing methods.
10 M

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