VTU First Year Engineering (C Cycle) (Semester 1)
Programming in C and Data Structures
December 2011
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Select Correct Answer -
1 (a) (i) The general name given to the physical parts of a computer is _____
(A) Software
(B) Hardware
(C) Firmware
(D) Computer ware
1 M
1 (a) (ii) A byte contains _____ number of bits.
(A) 12
(B) 8
(C) 16
(D) 32
1 M
1 (a) (iii) Which of these is not an example of software?
(A) Utilities
(B) Operating System
(C) Floppy Disk
(D) Device Drivers
1 M
1 (a) (iv) Which of these is not a part of information processing cycle ?
(A) Data sharing
(B) Data collecting
(C) Data Storage
(D) Data Output
1 M
1 (b) Mention the various steps associated with the information processing cycle and explain them.
8 M
1 (c) What is data scanning devices? Mention any four such devices.
4 M
1 (d) i) Convert the binary number 1 1 1 0 0 1 1 1 to decimal number.
ii) Convert the decimal number 55 to binary number.
4 M

Select Correct Answer -
2 (a) (i) A translator which reads a high level program line by line and converts its into machine language code is ______
(A) Translator
(B) Interpreter
(C) Compiler
(D) Assembler
1 M
2 (a) (ii) The size of most commonly used floppy these days is
(A) 8 inch
(B) 3.5 inch
(C) 5.25 inch
(D) 2.5 inch
1 M
2 (a) (iii) Which of these is not a network topology?
(A) Bus
(B) Ring
(C) Star
(D) Square
1 M
2 (a) (iv) Which of these is not a type of translator
(A) Assembler
(B) Interpreter
(C) Compiler
(D) Integrator
1 M
2 (b) Mention the various function of an operating system. Explain any two of them.
8 M
2 (c) List and explain the basic components of a computer network.
4 M
2 (d) Mention the different storage devices and explain one of them.
4 M

Select Correct Answer -
3 (a) (i) Which of the following is associated with software changes / modification / evolution of software?
(A) Design
(B) Coding
(C) Testing
(D) Maintenance
1 M
3 (a) (ii) The type of programming that is done using C is
(A) High level
(B) Low level
(C) Both A & B
(D) None of these
1 M
3 (a) (iii) The function which takes a single character input from the keyboard is ______
(A) get chr
(B) get char
(C) give char
(D) char get
1 M
3 (a) (iv) Which of these is not a key word to C language ?
(A) float
(B) static
(C) delete
(D) insert
1 M
3 (b) What are C tokens? Mention them. Explain any two of them.
8 M
3 (c) What is a datatype? Mention the basic data types available in C.
4 M
3 (d) What are variables ? How are they declared?
4 M

Select Correct Answer -
4 (a) (i) The order in which different operations in an expression are evaluated is decided by _____
(A) Associativity
(B) Precedence
(C) Evaluation
(D) Format
1 M
4 (a) (ii) The correct version of the clause to include I/O function library in C program is
(A) #include
(B) #include
(C) include#
(D) include#
1 M
4 (a) (iii) The result of evaluation the expression 7%5+10.0*10/3 is _____
(A) 32.0
(B) 32
(C) 31.0
(D) 31
1 M
4 (a) (iv) Let K=12, i=3, J=5. Consider the statement K+=i+J++; After execution the values of K, I, J respectively are
(A) 21, 3, 6
(B) 20, 3, 6
(C) 21, 3, 6
(D) 20, 4, 6
1 M
4 (b) Explain the structure of 'C' program.
6 M
4 (c) Write a program to find the are of a triangle given the three sides.
6 M
4 (d) With examples, illustrate any four common programming errors.
4 M

Select Correct Answer -
5 (a) (i) Which of the following will not be terminated by a semicolon sign?
(A) Function prototype
(B) Function calling statement
(C) Function definition
(D) None of these
1 M
5 (a) (ii) A function that calls itself is _____
(A) Nested function
(B) Overloaded function
(C) Recursive function
(D) Inline function
1 M
5 (a) (iii) The scope of the variables defined in a function is _____
(A) Local
(B) Modular
(C) Global
(D) Universal
1 M
5 (a) (iv) The parameter used in a function call are called ______ parameters.
(A) Formal
(B) Dummy
(C) Actual
(D) None of these
1 M
5 (b) Mention the different ways of passing parameter to the function. Explain one of them.
8 M
5 (c) Write a program to accept two integers and swap their values using a function to swap.
8 M

Select the correct answer :-
6 (a) (i) The correct statement for checking a condition in if statement is
(A) if(a=b)
(B) if(a==b)
(C) if(a,b)
(D) if(a b)
1 M
6 (a) (ii) The loop in which the number of iterations remain known prior to the execution of the loop is _____
(A) for
(B) while
(C) do while
(D) None of these
1 M
6 (a) (iii) The value of switch expression must be of type _____
(A) Real
(B) int
(C) double
(D) All of these
1 M
6 (a) (iv) The least number of times the do-while loop will be executed is _____
(A) 0
(B) 1
(C) 2
(D) Both A and B
1 M
6 (b) Distinguish between while and do-while statement.
8 M
6 (c) Write C program to read a positive number and reverse the given number.
8 M

Select the correct answer :-
7 (a) (i) Number of element is an array defined by a[3][4] is
(A) 8
(B) 12
(C) 16
(D) Noen of these
1 M
7 (a) (ii) If X[4] is declaration, them the first and last array index will be
(A) 1,4
(B) 0,3
(C) 3,0
(D) None of these
1 M
7 (a) (iii) Given int a[3][2] ={1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}; the element in 3rd row and 2nd column is _____
(A) 3
(B) 6
(C) 52
(D) 4
1 M
7 (a) (iv) A function that is used to join two string is ______
(A) Strepy
(B) Strlen
(C) Streat
(D) Stremp
1 M
7 (b) Explain the declaration and initialization of one dimensional array with examples.
6 M
7 (c) Write a C program to input N integers into a single dimensional array and sort them in descending order using bubble sort method. Print both given array and sorted array with suitable headings.
10 M

Select the correct answer :-
8 (a) (i) _____ Execution of instruction in a computer system is referred to as parallel computing.
(A) Serial
(B) Sequential
(C) Accurate
(D) Simultaneous
1 M
8 (a) (ii) Which of the following can be used as a resource in parallel computing?
(A) A single computer with multiple processors.
(B) An arbitary number of computers connected by a network.
(C) A combination of the above.
(D) All of these
1 M
8 (a) (iii) Open Mp stands for _____
(A) Open multi-parallelism
(B) Organized multi-programming
(C) Open multi-processing
(D) Organized multi-parallelism
1 M
8 (a) (iv) An example of environment variable in OPEN MP is
(A) Omp-thread-limit
(B) Omp-init-lock
(C) Omp-test-lock
(D) Omp-get-dynamic
1 M
8 (b) Define concurrent processing. What is the motivation for concurrent processing?
10 M
8 (c) What are threads? Give the advatages and disadvantages of multiple threads.
10 M

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