SPPU Mechanical Engineering (Semester 8)
Power Plant Engineering
December 2016
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Solve any one question from Q.1(a,b) & Q.2(a,b)
1(a) Discuss the present scenario of power generation in India.
4 M
1(b) During trial on steam condenser following oberseravtions were redcorded.
Condenser vacuum = 680 mm of Hg
Barometer reading = 764 mm of Hg
Mean condenser temp. = 36.2°C
Hot well temp.= 30°C
Condensate formed per hour = 1780 Kg
Circulating cooling water inlet temp. = 20°C
Circulating cooling water outlet temp. =32°C
Quantity of cooling water = 1250 Kg/min.
Determine i) condenser vaccum corrected to standard barometer ii) vacuum efficiency iii) under cooling of condensate iv) condenser efficiency.
6 M

2(a) From following data calculate cost of generation per unit delivered from the power plant.
Installed capacity of power plant = 200Mw
Annual load factor = 0.4
Capital cost of powerplant = Rs. 280 Lacks
Annual cost of fuel, Oil, Salaries & taxation = Rs. 60 Lacks Interest & depreciation = 13%
6 M
2(b) With neat sketch explain ash handling system.
4 M

Solve any one question fromQ.3(a,b) & Q.4(a,b)
3(a) Write a note on Hydrograph and Flow duration curve.
4 M
3(b) Explain with neat sketch CANDU reactor. Also state the merits and demerits.
6 M

4(a) Discuss the site selection, advantages & disadvantages for Hydroelectric Power Plant.
6 M
4(b) Write a note on Nuclear waster disposal.
4 M

Solve any one question fromQ.5(a,b)& Q.6(a,b)
5(a) Draw a typical layout of Diesel Power Station and Explain it.
6 M
5(b) A Gas turbine unit has pressure ratio 6:1 & maximum cycle temperature of 610°C. The compressor and turbine are 0.80 and 0.82 respectively. Calculate power output in kilowatts of an electrical generator geared to the turbine when the air enters the compressor at 15°C at the rate of 16 Kg/Sec. Also calculate thermal efficiency an work ration of the plant. Assume i) Cp=1.005 Kj/Kg & γ =1.4 for compression processes ii) Cp=1.11Kj/Kg & γ=1.333 for expansion processes iii) Cp= 1.11Kj/Kg for combustion processes.
10 M

6(a) Discuss the the selection of engine size, advantages & disadvantagesof Diesel engine power plant?
6 M
6(b) In a Gas turbine the compressor takes in air at a temp. Of 15°C and compresses it to four times the initial pressure with an isentropic efficiency of 82%. The air is then passed through heat exchanger heated by turbine exhaust before reaching combustion chamber. In the heat exchanger 78% of available heat is given to air. The maximum temp. After constant pressure combustion is 600°C and efficiency of turbine is 70%. Neglecting all losses except those mentioned and assuming working fluid throughout the cycle to have characteristics of air. Find the thermal efficiency of cycle. Assume: R=0.287Kj/Kg. K and γ=1.4 for air and constant specific heat throughout.
10 M

Solve any one question fromQ.7(a,b)& Q.8(a,b)
7(a)(i) Write a note on
i) Challenges in commercialization of Non-Conventional Power Plants.
5 M
7(a)(ii) Low & High Temperature Solar Power Plant.
5 M
7(b) Explain single basin and double basin tidal power plant with neat diagrams.
8 M

8(a) With neat sketch explain the working of a fuel cell and list out its advantages over other nonconventional systems.
10 M
8(b) Dicuss the parameters to be consider for site selection of wind power plant
8 M

Solve any one question fromQ.9(a,b,c) & Q.10(a,b)
9(a) State the various protective equipments and explain the working of switch gear in powerplant.
8 M
9(b) Write a note on thermal pollution of water & its control.
4 M
9(c) Write a note on Noise pollution by power plant.
4 M

10(a) Draw the typical layout of electrical equipment & discuss the role of control room.
8 M
10(b) What are different methods used to control SO2 in the flue gases? Explain any two.
8 M

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