SPPU Information Technology (Semester 7)
Information and Cyber Security
May 2017
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Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Solve any one question from Q.1(a,b) &Q.2(a,b)
1(a) Compute the inverse of 17 in mod 23 arithmetic. Show steps clearly.
6 M
1(b) State Euler's theorem.
4 M

2(a) Show with proper working that 13 is a primitive root of 19.
6 M
2(b) In Diffie-Hellman key exchange between two parties A and B where A picks his secret as 9 and B picks his secretas 6. Apply 13 as the primitive root of 19, for this Diffie-Hellman exchange and show the shared secret. Show the math working steps clearly
4 M

Solve any one question from Q.3(a,b) &Q.4(a,b)
3(a) What do you mean by cryptanalysis. Mention the applications of public key cryptography.
6 M
3(b) List out the problems of one time pad.
4 M

4(a) Write down the purpose of S-box in DES.
6 M
4(b) Give the types of attacks with examples.
4 M

Solve any one question from Q.5 & Q.6(a,b)
5(a) Consider the following threads to web security and describe how each is countered by particular feature of SSL.
a) Brute force attacks.
b) Known plaintext attacks.
c) Replay attacks.
d) Man-in-the-middle attacks.
e) Password sniffing
f) IP spoofing.
g) IP hijacking.
h) SYN flooding.
16 M

6(a) What is the difference between tunnel and transport mode in IPSEC and how does it defend replay attacks.
8 M
6(b) What protocols comprise SSL? What is the difference between SSL connection and SSL session.
8 M

Solve any one question from Q.7(a,b) &Q.8(a,b)
7(a) What is the statistical anamoly detection and rule based instruction detection and explain the differences between them.
8 M
7(b) Consider a machine M1, hosting a https- based public website www.tech.net is it possible for an intruder with no access to M1 to setup a fake website with the same URL www.tech.net in his machine M2 and go unnoticed?
8 M

8(a) Explain in brief : trap doors, trojan horses, worms and zombies.
8 M
8(b) With a neat diagram explain the process of digital signing and digital verification.
8 M

Solve any one question from Q.9 Q.10
9 Write notes on:
a) Cyberstalking
Cybercrime and cloud computing
c) Phishing
18 M

10 Write notes on:
a) Social engineering attacks
b) ITA 2000
c) DoS and DDos attacks
18 M

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