VTU Civil Engineering (Semester 6)
Hydraulic Structures & Irrigation Design-Drawing
December 2014
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 (a) Define reservoir. Explain and classify the different types of reservoirs.
7 M
1 (b) The following information in available regarding the relationship between trap efficiency and capacity inflow ratio.

Find the probable life of the reservoir with an initial reservoir with an initial reservoir capacity of 30 million cubic metres. If the average annual flood is 60 million cubic meters and the average annual sediment inflow is 2,00,000 tonnes. Assume a specific weight of the sediment equal to 1.2 gm per c.c. The usual life of the reservoir will terminate when 80% of initial capacity is filled with sediment.
8 M

2 (a) Define gravity dam. Explain various forces that act on a gravity dam.
7 M
2 (b) Following data were obtained from the stability analysis of concrete gravity dam:
i) Total overturning moment about toe=1×106 kN-m
ii) Total resisting moment about toe= 2×106 kN-m
iii) Total vertical forces above base = 50000 kN
iv) Base width of the dam = 50m
v) Slope of the D/S face = 0.8(H): 1(V)
Calculate the maximum and minimum vertical stress to which the foundation will be subjected to what is the maximum principle stress at toe? Assume there is not tail water.
8 M

3 (a) What is earthen dam? Sketch and classify the different types of earthen dams and explain briefly.
7 M
3 (b) List and briefly explain the methods of seepag control through foundation and body of earthen dams.
8 M

4 A sluice is an opening controlled by a gate for drawing supplies from a tank, reservoir or canal etc. The barrel of the sluice may be of masonry or cement concrete or R.C.C. pipe. Design a tank sluice for an earthen dam (tank bund) with the following particulars:
Maximum water level (LWL)= +126.0 m
Low water level (LWL) = +123.0
R.L of top of bund (TBL)= + 123.00m
Side slope of the bund= 2:1 on both sides
Top width of bund = 2.0 m
R.L. of sill of sluice = +122.0 m
Bed level of canal= +122.0 m
Side slopes of canal = 1 1/2: 1
Canal bed width = 1.2 m
Canal discharge = 0.2 m3/s
Good foundation or hard rock level = +121.5 m
General ground level= +122.5 m
Design the barrel, cistern etc. Draw the following views:
a) Longitudinal elevation along the centre of sluice barrel.
b) Half plan at top and half plan at foundation
c) End view.
70 M

5 Design a canal drop of the notch type. Given the following data:
Canal details Upstream
Downstream (d/s)

FS discharge




Bed width

Top width of banks

Top width of banks

Side slopes (on eiher side):

Side in Cutting

Side in bank

General GL at site

Hard soil for foundation is met at

6 cumec












6 cumec












Draw, to a suitable scale, completely dimensioned views of the followings:
a) Half plant at top and half plan at foundation
b) Longitudinal section of the canal drop.
c) Half cross-section along the drop wall and half elevation looking from the d/s side.
70 M

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