VTU Civil Engineering (Semester 8)
Design & Drawing of Steel Structures
December 2014
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Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 (a) A beam of ISMB 400 @ 61.6 kg/m is connected to the flange of a stanchion ISHB 400 @ 77.4 kg/m by framed connections using 2 ISA 90×90×8mm angles. Five bolts of 20mm dia are used to connect the angles and web of ISMB 400 @ 61.6 kg/m 12 bolts of 20 mm dia are used to connect the angle and column ISHB 400 @ 77.4 kg/m. Draw to a suitable scale:
i) Sectional plan
ii) Any two views showing cross section details.
15 M
1 (b) Draw to a suitable scale elevation (front view) and end view (side view) of a beam column connection for an exterior column at the floor level in a steel framed structure if the column is ISHB 200, br= 200 mm, ty=9.0 mm, tw=6.5 mm. Three beams of ISLB 350, br=165 mm, ty=11.4 mm, tw=7.4 mm. Web cleat angle is ISA 75 × 75 × 8 mm of suitable length. Adopt 16 mm bolts, suitable numbers judicially.
15 M

2 (a) Draw the front elevation and side elevation to a column splicing arrangement for the following data:
i) Column →ISHB 300 @58.8 kg/m
ii) Cover plates → 420×250×6mm
iii) Bolts ? 20 ϕ @ 70mm C/C
iv) Web splice plate - 12 mm thick.
10 M
2 (b) A column base connection for axially loaded is to be made for the following data:
i) Base plate → 900 × 600 × 25mm
ii) Column → one no. ISHB 300, bf=300 mm, ty=12mm, tw=7.5mm
iii) Web cleat → 2 nos. ISA 80× 80×8.250 mm long
iv) Gusset plates → 2 nos. 900 × 600 × 12 mm (suitably tapered)
v) Flage cleat → 2 nos. ISA 80× 80× 8, 900 mm 1 mg
v) Bolts → 16 mm &straighphi;.
Choose suitable pitch and number of bolts. Also show 4 - holding down bolts of 25 mm ϕ. Draw the elevation (front), side view and plan (top view) of the above members connected suitably.
20 M

3 Design a welded plate girder of span 24 mt, carrying super imposed load of 50 kN/m and two concentrated loads of 200 kN each at one third poits of the span. Assume the girder as laterally supported throughout and yield strength = 250 Mpa. Provide two curtailments.
Draw to a suitable scale:
i) Plan for full span (sectional)
ii) Elective (front)
iii) Cross section at support and midspan.
30 M

4 Design a simply supported crane Gantry girder for the following data:
i) Span of crane girder = 20 m
ii) Span of Gantry = 7 m
iii) Capacity of the crane = 220 kN
iv) Self wt. of crane excluding the crab = 200 kN
v) Weight of crab = 60 kN
vi) Wheel base distance = 3.4 m
vii) Minimum hook approach = 1.10 m
viii) Self-weight of rail = 0.3 kN/m
ix) Height of rail = 70 m

Draw to a suitable scale:
i) Plan details
ii) Side elevation
iii) Section through the Gantry.
30 M

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