VTU Civil Engineering (Semester 6)
Design & Drawing of RCC Structures
December 2014
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Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1 Prepare a general layout showing the position and size of column and footing to a suitable scale for an industrial building:
A clear dimension of factory shed floor is 11.75 × 19.75m
Spacing of column - 4m c/c
Spacing of column - 250 × 450 mm
Span of steel Truss - 12 m c/c
RCC columns are provided at the gable wall sides their size is 250 × 400mm, to be provided at 4 m c/c.
All the walls alround are 250 mm thick.
Size of footing - 1.5 × 2.0m
Thickness of footing 400 mm uniform
Depth of foundation 1.2 m block ground level.
20 M

2 One way continuous slab has been provided for a hall of clear dimensions 8m×14.25m. The slab is supported on RCC beams. The following details are given:
i) C/c distance of supporting beams = 3.5 m
ii) Columns dimensions on which beam rest = 250mm × 500 mm
iii) C/s of the beams 250 × 600mm
iv) Slab thickness = 150mm
v) Beam depth is inclusive of slab depth
vi) Main positive reinforcement at the end and interior panels - 10 mm ϕ @ 120 mm c/c.
vii) Main negative reinforcement at all the supports = 10 mm ϕ @ 120 mm c/c
viii) Distribution steel = 8 mm ϕ 250 mm c/c
ix) Grade of concrete and steel=M20 and Fe415.
Show the structural details with a suitable scale and draw the following:
a) Sectional elevation of slab
b) Plan showing the details of reinforcement (Bottom view & Top view).
20 M

3 A square RCC column 450×450mm is to rest on sloped RCC square footing. The depth of foundation is 1.5m below ground level. The depth of the footing is reduced from 750mm at the face of the column to 300mm at the edge of the footing. The footing size is 2.0 ×2.0m. The column reinforcement consists of 8 bars of 20 mm diameter, with 8 mm dia lateral ties at 200 mm c/c and the footing reinforcement consist of 12 mm diameter bars at 150 mm c/c both ways. M20 grade concrete and Fe415 grade steel are used. Draw to a suitable scale, the vertical section and plan of the footing and column showing the reinforcement details, and also prepare bar bending schedule.
20 M

4 Design a combined footing for the two RCC column separated by a distance of 4 m c/c. Column 'A' is 500 × 500 mm and carries a load of 1250 kN and column B is 600 × 600 mm and carries a load of 1600 kN. The bearing capacity of soil is 200 kN/m2 (safe). Use M20 concrete and Fe415 steel. The width of the footing is restricted to 2.5 m.
Draw to a suitable scale
i) Longitudinal sectional elevation
ii) C/s at two different places to show the maximum details of reinforcement.
60 M

5 A single bay fixed portal frame has an effective span of 7m and an effective height of 4.2 m. Spacing of portal frames is 4.2m. Consider and imposed load of 3 kN/m2 on the slab, Column size is 400mm × 400mm shall be adopted. Design the continuous slab, and portal frame considering M20 grade concrete and Fe415 steel. SBC of soil is 130 kN/m2.
Draw the half sectional elevation of the portal frame showing the details of reinforcement in footing, column and the beam of the portal frame. Also show the cross-sectional details of beam at midspan and support.
60 M

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