GTU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Computer Programming & Utilization
June 2015
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(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Objective Question (MCQ)
1 (a) 1 Which of the following is a part of primary memory of computer
(b) CD-ROM
(c) Pen-drive d) Floppy Disk
1 M
1 (a) 2 Which protocol is used to transfer files on internet
(b) SMPT
1 M
1 (a) 3 Microprocessor of computer system is a part of
a) Memory
(b) Input Device
(c)Output Device
(d) Processing Unit
1 M
1 (a) 4 Which is not a font style in MS-Word
a) Bold
(b) Superscript
(c) italic
(d) Regular
1 M
1 (a) 5 With which of the following all formulas in excel starts?
a) /
(b) *
(c) $
(d) =
1 M
1 (a) 6 Which of the following is not one of PowerPoint view?
a) Slide show view
(b) Slide view
(c) Presentation view
(d) Outline view
1 M
1 (a) 7 In the evaluation of a computer language, all of the following characteristics should be considered except?
a) application oriented features
(b) efficiency
(c) readability
(d) hardware maintenance costs
1 M
Objective Question (MCQ)
1 (b) 1 Keyboard is the type of device
A. Input B. Pointing C. Output D. Sound
1 M
1 (b) 2 A document or image can be scanned in to digital form by using
A. Marker B. Printer C. Light pen D. Scanner
1 M
1 (b) 3 ALU is
A. Array Logic Unit B. Application Logic Unit C. Arithmetic Logic Unit D. None of these
1 M
1 (b) 4 HTML stands for
A. Hyper Text Makeup Language B. Hyper Text Markup Language C. Hyper Tech Markup Language D. None of these
1 M
1 (b) 5 Operating system is installed on
A. Hard Disk B. Cache memory C. Mother Board D. None of these
1 M
1 (b) 6 Recycle bin is used for
A. To store backup file B. To restore deleted file / folder C. To store most frequently D. All the above
1 M
1 (b) 7 The process a user goes through to begin a computer system.
A. Log out B. Log in C. Log off D. None of these
1 M
1 (c) 1 he first expression in a for... loop is
a) Step value of loop b) Value of the counter variable
(c) Condition statement
(d) None of the above
1 M
1 (c) 2 Continue statement used for
a) To continue to the next line of code b) To stop the current iteration and begin the next iteration from the beginning c) To handle run time error d) None of above.
1 M
1 (c) 3 What will be the output of following program
#include main() { int x,y = 10; x = y * NULL; printf(\"%d\",x); }
a) error b) 0 c) 10 d) garbage value
1 M
1 (c) 4 Difference between calloc() and malloc()
a) calloc() takes a single argument while malloc() needs two arguments b) malloc() takes a single argument while calloc() needs two arguments c) malloc() initializes the allocated memory to ZERO d) calloc() initializes the allocated memory to NULL
1 M
1 (c) 5 Which among following is not necessary for working of a standalone computer? a) RAM b) Hard Drive
(c) Operating System d) LAN card
1 M
1 (c) 6 What is algorithm?
a)Application code b)Type of programming language
(c) None of above
(d) Step by step procedure for Calculations.
1 M
1 (c) 7 printf() belongs to which library of c
a) stdlib.h b) stdio.h
(c) stdout.h d) stdoutput.h
1 M

2 (a) Define algorithm and explain different symbols used in flowchart.
3 M
2 (b) Write the difference between structure and union.
4 M
2 (c) Explain different type of operators used in c language with their precedence and associativity.
7 M

3 (a) What do you mean by type conversion? Why is it necessary?
3 M
3 (b) What is difference between keywords and identifiers? Explain rules for naming an identifier.
4 M
3 (c) Explain different loops used in c language .Write the difference between while loop and do...while loop.
7 M

4 (a) What is a file? List the various file handling operations in c.
3 M
4 (b) What is user-defined function? Explain actual argument and formal arguments
4 M
4 (c) Write a program in c for multiplication of two matrix.
7 M

5 (a) Explain the use if malloac and calloc function with their syntax.
3 M
5 (b) What is String? How are they declared and also define the null character
4 M
5 (c) What do you mean by recursive function? Write a program in c to find factorial of a number using recursive function.
7 M

6 (a) Explain the difference between call by reference and call by value with proper example
3 M
6 (b) How to initialize Pointer? Explain arrays of pointer using suitable sample program.
4 M
6 (c) Write a program in c using structure to enter rollno, marks of the three subject for 3 student and find total obtained by each student
7 M

7 (a) What is Software and Hardware? Explain different types of Software.
3 M
7 (b) Write a program using pointer and function to determine the length of string
4 M
7 (c) Explain different type of functions used in c language. Write a program using function to find maximum if two numbers.
7 M

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