MU Civil Engineering (Semester 4)
Building Design and Drawing - 1
May 2016
Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

1(a) What are the basic units / rooms for a luxurious bungalow?
Assuming the standard dimensions for rooms, plan a luxurious bungalow for a celebrity to be constructed on plot of size 20m × 30m (G+1, Load Bearing structure).
Provide verandah, staircase, passage and sanitary units as per bye laws.
    (i) Draw the Ground Floor Plan
    (ii) Draw the line plan of 1st floor.
20 M

2(a) Draw the cross section passing through staircase, bath, WC of building drawn in Q.No.01.
15 M
2(b) Define Carpet area and Built up area. Prepare the total area statement (Carpet area and Built up area) of building drawn in Q.No.01.
5 M

3(a) Draw the foundation plan with dimensions for the building drawn in Q.No.01
10 M
3(b) Suggest the type of pitch roof for a factory of clear size 8m × 20m. Draw the plan and section of the same showing all details.
10 M

4(a) Enlist the principles of planning. Explain with example, the 'Principles of Grouping' used in planning of a residential building,
10 M
4(b) Draw the site layout planfor building drawn in Q.No.01 clearly indicating various services, open spaces etc.
10 M

5(a) Explain with the help of sketches and suitability, Load bearing structure, framed structure and composite structure.
7 M
5(b) Define door. Draw the plan, elevation and section of the half paneled and half glazed door. Assume the door size as 1.2m × 2.1m.
7 M
5(c) Explain carpet area, built up area and FAR.
6 M

Write short note on the followings(Any four)
6(a) Types of staiscase with suitability
5 M
6(b) Wind rose (circulation) diagram
5 M
6(c) Building line and Control line
5 M
6(d) Sun shading devices
5 M
6(e) Development control rules
5 M

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