SPPU First Year Engineering (Semester 2)
Basic Mechanical Engineering (BME)
December 2016
Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Solve any one question from Q.1(a,b) & Q.2(a,b)
1(a) What is machine design? Explain various steps involved in design process.
6 M
1(b) Draw digrams of parallel key, Open belt drive with Idler pulley, simple gear train.
6 M

2(a) What is a machine? Describe function of any five machine elements.
6 M
2(b) Draw neat labled diagram of four bar mechanism and slider crank mechanism. State their applications.
6 M

Solve any one question from Q.3(a,b) & Q.4(a,b)
3(a) Draw self-explanatory sketches of blanking, forming and drawing operation on sheet metal.
6 M
3(b) Explain reaming, counter sinking and tapping operations on drilling machine.
6 M

4(a) Compare arc-welding, brazing and soldering process.
6 M
4(b) Draw sketches of cylindrical and centreless grinding process. State their applications.
6 M

Solve any one question from Q.5(a,b) & Q.6(a,b)
5(a) Explain working principle of barometer and thermocouple. State their application.
6 M
5(b) Explain the concept of Heat Engine and Refrigerator with neat sketch. A reversible heat engine develops 30 kW of work output with efficiency of 30%. Find the heat supplied to the engine and heat rejected from the engine. If the engine is reversed to act as refrigerator with same rate of energy transfer, find its COP.
7 M

6(a) Explain the following:
1) Any two statement of first law of thermodynamics
2) COP of Heat Pump and COP of Refrigerator
3) System, surrounding and boundary.
6 M
6(b) Define and explain atmospheric pressure, gauge pressure and absolute pressure. The pressure of oil flowing through a pipe is to be measured with simple U-tube mercury manometer. Left arm of U-tube is connected to pipe while right arm is open to atmophere. Calculate the absolute pressure of the oil in pipeline when 50 cm of mercury column in riight-arm is balanced by 100 cm of oil column in left arm of manometer. Draw the sketch of the setup. Given:
Atmospheric pressure = 100 kPa
Specific gravity of the oil = 0.8
Density of mercury = 13600 kg/m3.
7 M

Solve any one question from Q.7(a,b) & Q.8(a,b)
7(a) Explain working principle of impulse and reaction steam turbine with sketch.
6 M
7(b) Explain working of centrifugal pump with neat diagram and state its application.
7 M

8(a) Draw a block diagram of:
1) Wind power plant, and
2) Solar power plant.
6 M
8(b) Explain working of reciprocating pump with neat diagram and state its application.
7 M

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