RGPV First Year Engineering (Set B) (Semester 1)
Basic Mechanical Engg.
May 2012
Total marks: --
Total time: --
(1) Assume appropriate data and state your reasons
(2) Marks are given to the right of every question
(3) Draw neat diagrams wherever necessary

Answer any one question from Q1 & Q2
1 (a) Define the following mechanical properties of engineering material:
(i) Ductility
(ii) Hardness
(iii) Toughness
(iv) Machinability
7 M
1 (b) Discuss the stress-strain curve curve for a ductile material.
7 M

2 (a) What is Alloy Steel? Name two types of alloy steel giving their composition and uses.
7 M
2 (b) Define hardness and explain the testing procedure for determine hardness of engineering material.
7 M

Answer any one question from Q3 & Q4
3 (b) Explain the construction and uses of the following measuring instruments:
(i) Dial guage
(ii) Micrometer
14 M

4 (a) Describe the measurement of flow rate of a fluid flowing through a circular pipe.
7 M
4 (b) Name and explain five operations which can be performed on a lathe machine.
7 M

Answer any one question from Q5 & Q6
5 (a) State Newton's law of viscosity. What is the effect of temperature on viscosity of water and gas?
7 M
5 (b) What is fluid coupling? Explain its working principle.
7 M

6 (a) Differentiate between absolute pressure and guage pressure, how can we measure pressure exerted by fluid?
7 M
6 (b) What are the different methods of speed control in D.C. motor? Discuss in details.
7 M
6 (b) Differentiate between the following:
(i) Laminar and turbulent flow
(ii) Turbine and compressor
7 M

Answer any one question from Q7 & Q8
7 (a) State and explain First Law of Thermodynamics.
7 M
7 (b) Explain the working of a simple vapour compression refrigeration cycle.
7 M

8 (a) Define the following terms:
(i) Sensible heat of water
(ii) Latent heat of steam
(iii) Dryness fraction of steam
(iv) Saturation temperature of steam
7 M
8 (b) Explain the working of a water tube boiler with me help of a neat sketch.
7 M

Answer any one question from Q9 & Q10
9 (a) Explain the working of a double acting steam engine with the help of a neat diagram.
7 M
9 (b) Differentiate between petrol and diesel engine.
7 M

10 (a) A reversible heat engine delivers 0.6 kW power and rejects heat energy to a reservoir at 300 K at the rate of 24 kJ/min. Determine the cycle efficiency and temperature of the thermal reservoir supplying heat to the engine.
7 M
10 (b) Explain the working of a 4-stroke petrol engine.
7 M

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