Signal Conditioning & Circuit Design (SCCD)
Prof.CD Johnson

Signal Conditioning & Circuit Design (SCCD)

by Prof.CD Johnson

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Signal Conditioning & Circuit Design (SCCD) by Prof.CD Johnson is suggested as reference book for studying the following subjects:
Signal Conditioning Circuit Design in Instrumentation Engineering Semester 5 (Mumbai University)

The 8th edition of Process Control Instrumentation Technology provides the practical details about the design and operation of the elements of control systems, and aims to help students adapt the technology to instrumentation and measurement problems. The knowledge provided by Johnson is from a practical perspective, as it focusses on helping students understand how the elements of a control system affect system operation and tuning.

The first chapter, Introduction to Process Control, includes topics like Evaluation of Control Systems, Servomechanisms, Discrete-state Control Systems, Analog and Digital Processing, and Analog and Digital Control. Thermal Sensors deals with topics like Thermal Energy, Thermistors, Thermocouples, and Bimetal Strips. Optical Sensors includes topics such as Fundamentals and Nature of EM Radiation, various types of Photodetectors, Pyrometers, and Optical Sources. Some of the other chapters are titled Mechanical Sensors, Digital Signal Conditioning, Analog Signal Conditioning, Discrete-State Process Control, Analog Controllers, Controller Principles, Control Loop Characteristics, and Computer-Based Control.

This new edition has extra coverage of the field of control system networks. Chapter 11, Computer-based Control, gives detailed information on topics like Digital Applications, Control System Networks, Computer-based Controller, Data Logging, Software Requirements, Hardware Configurations, Fieldbus Types, and Computer Controller Examples. Every chapter starts with an Introduction and Instructional Objectives, and ends with a section on Problems and a Summary. The book includes solutions to all the odd-numbered problems.

The 8th edition also gives a complete coverage of the newer technologies, and illustrates how they can be applied in process control instrumentation. There is an up-to-date coverage of instrumentation, measurement, and control. The book also gives students details about how a signal conditioning system should be designed using the latest technology. The 8th edition has a renamed and rewritten chapter on Industrial Electronics. Now called Power Electronics, it has been updated and includes the current devices like MOSFETs, IGBTs and GTOs. The examples and problems in the new edition have also been re-worked. The embedded examples also make it easier for students to understand and design applications.

Johnson has used a very simple and straightforward style of writing, and has made it a point to avoid technical and mathematical jargon. The book aims at providing the students a proper understanding of all the topics covered, without the need for advanced mathematics. The author’s intention is to make it possible for the teachers to teach, and the students to understand the subject with just a modest understanding of calculus.


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