Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering (BEE)
Prof.B. L. Thareja

Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering (BEE)

by Prof.B. L. Thareja

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Basic Electrical & Electronics Engineering (BEE) by Prof.B. L. Thareja is suggested as textbook for studying the following subjects:
Basic Electrical & Electronics Engg in First Year Engineering Semester 1 (Mumbai University)

A Textbook of Electrical Technology : Basic Electrical Engineering in S. I. Units (Volume - 1) By A.K. Theraja and B.L. Theraja covers elaborate textual matter and comes in a multi coloured edition to help both the students of electrical as well as for students aspiring for any other branch of engineering.

Summary Of The Book

This multi coloured textbook of electrical engineering is authored by A.K. Theraja and B.L. Theraja to present the students with a book that has all the basic concepts of electrical engineering covered in its textual matter. This book is read by not only the students of electrical and electronics engineering. This book is a part of the curriculum for all the disciplines of engineering in many engineering colleges across India.

Pertaining to the changing competitive world of education, this book holds the right textual matter for the aspirants of engineering degree and diploma courses. As an added advantage, this book holds a question bank of the past three to four years of engineering exams with the solutions, so that the students can easily refer to this book as and when required.

This edition of this A Textbook of Electrical Technology : Basic Electrical Engineering in S. I. Units (Volume - 1)discusses and presents elaborate descriptions of the various concepts and principles of electrical engineering in easy to understand English. The various concepts of engineering that are discussed in this book are D.C. Network Theorems, Electric Current and Ohm’s Law, Electrostatics, Magnetism and Electromagnetism, Capacitance, Magnetic Hysteresis, Electromagnetic Induction, Electrochemical Power Resources,  A.C Fundamentals, Electric Instruments and Measurements, Complex Numbers, Parallel A.C circuits, Series A.C circuits, A.C Network Analysis, A.C Filter Networks, A. C Bridges, Circle diagrams, Harmonics, Polyphase Circuits, Fourier Series, Symmetrical Components, Transients, Introduction to electrical Energy Generation, and Work, power and energy.

A Textbook of Electrical Technology : Basic Electrical Engineering in S. I. Units (Volume - 1) will also be an advantageous for the students who are pursuing or aspiring to pursue any other branch of engineering like mechanical, textile, environmental, industrial, information technology and many more. This book can also be used by students who are pursuing their diploma in various technical courses. 


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