Vastu Kala Academy School Of Architecture & Interior Designing

Note: The institute is no longer affiliated to IPU instead it is now affiliated to IGNOU.


Vastu Kala in located in the southern part of Delhi, which neighbours many other niche institutes of the country like the IIT, JNU IIFT and AIIMS. The institute is located near to the Metro (Malviya Nagar), but you definately cant walk upto Vastu Kala from there. It is located in the posh locality and many students also come to college in their own vehicles. The institutional area is also near by so there is always a good student crowd in the neighbouring area.



Vastu Kala doesnt have the whole campus to itself. It houses other institutes too leaving Vastu Kala to just 1 building. The studios are well equipped and students seem to be haapy with them. Although the building is small it is not burdened since the number of students are also less. The college doesn't have ACs anywhere but being an architecture college they have taken care of ventilation. Considering the other colleges in Delhi, this college is definitely not spacious.
The college doesn't have hostel provision which is a concern for some of the outside Delhi students.



Rs 55,000 per year.



Students have absolutely no complains with the teachers. They are very happy with their teaching. Most of the teachers are architects have their own firms. The faculty here was very good, but there has been some turmoil within the institute which has had to manage with some decent faculty.



Attendance has been taken very seriously lately since the college being shifted under the IGNOU. The college complies with 75% rule and is very strict if students fail to do so. The reason for this as cited by the students is that IGNOU having a bad reputation when it comes to attendance, wants to lose that tag.



The crowd is really good but students aren't. Yes the crowd is good to chill with but when it comes down to academics they are not at par. The students coming here are mostly from the elite class of society. Most of the students are Delhiites with few exceptions from other parts of the country mostly the North-East.



The location of college is supposedly in the best part of Delhi if you want to chill. There are a number of hangouts around and some of the best places to be go with friends. There are 4 malls in the vicinity with Priya complex at a walking distance which houses a big cinema. Vasant Kunj area, very famous among the Delhites is at stone throw distance.



The architecture canteen is a very famous canteen. There are students from various colleges coming here and rightly since the food tastes really good. Although the food is not light on the pocket but is definitely worth a visit. The canteen-cum-restaurant serves both veg along with non-veg. Chilli Potato is something which the students recommend and we do second it.



Vastu Kala doesnt have a full fledged festival but many small events happening round the year. The strength of the batch too is quite small around 80 students and not much can be expected in the festival front.


Performance in NASA:

They have performed well in the zonal NASA, that's it nothing in the NASA on all-India basis.



Hardly any, they all apply off-campus.



Secular House, 9/1,
Institutional Area,Aruna Asaf Ali Marg,
New Delhi-110067
Ph: 26965643, 26568523.



If you cant get into SPA and want to still do an Architecture only then come here.


+4 #2 Jagriti 2013-07-26 23:26
Employers judge you when you tell them you're from Vastukala Academy. Also, the faculty is not open to ideas, the staff is not friendly. The library is just a lonely little corner nobody goes to, as a result they don't update the library either. Design wise, it's obsolete, the students are neither good at theory nor are they any good at technical drawings. Our seniors (i.e the IP batch) was still better, the unfriendly staff and faculty has given up on the IGNOU batch. I've just graduated & I think this was the worst mistake of my life. I want to stop others from coming here. If you don't get in SPA, try USAP (their faculty is awesome) or Sushant.. But not Vastukala! Do yourself a favour and go to DU for Math or Sociology and do a masters in Architecture.. (Many institutes offer that, as long as you have a portfolio)
0 #1 Debaditya 2012-09-06 21:13
"but when it comes down to academics they are not at par"
I don't agree with this part...
I feel because vaka doesn't have a big name that is why people are actually trying real hard to do well in academics.
Infact result wise this college has fared much better than other colleges under ip!

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