Sir Parshurambhau College (SP College), Tilak Road


SP College is located on Tilak Road, which is in Central Pune and is easily accessible by PMT buses from any corner of the city. Get your two-wheelers to college only if you are good with the one-ways and confusing roads around here.



The campus is huge and spreads over acres of land. The college is quite old and one look at the building gives you an idea about the insides of it. The classrooms are big and roomy but bear a look of the potions classroom held in the dungeons of Hogwarts. The three-level library is supposedly good. There are three playgrounds and a swimming pool.



BCom/B.Sc.: Rs. 3,000/-
BBA: Rs. 30,000/-



One of the finest professors in the city teach at SP College. Besides that specialized professors are called from outside to conduct lectures frequently.



The students are intelligent and street smart. It’s a diverse crowd but gels along beautifully. Everyone lends a helping hand to the other at times of need.



The Arts and Science departments are extremely particular about the attendance criteria and anyone with less than 75% attendance warned a few times, parents are informed and if no improvement is observed; he/she is barred from appearing for the exams. The commerce department is slightly more relaxed and no action is taken up to 50%. Even if it goes below that, warnings are given and students are let off.



There a three to four canteens in the campus. Two of them are big and the other two are relatively smaller. The quality of food is average; not really enough to satisfy your taste buds. But it’s light on the pocket.



URMI is an annual intra college gathering held in the end of December. It’s 4-day celebration which includes events such as Music, Arts and Dance competitions. Besides this, all the usual “Days” are celebrated with great enthusiasm.



Sir Parshurambhau College,
Tilak Road, Pune



One of the top colleges in Pune and it’s a great place to be. If you get it, take it.


+4 #9 vivek mulay 2013-07-12 23:29
The best coll in Pune university
-2 #8 SAGAR FAND 2013-06-15 14:04
The best college for arts faculty.
+2 #7 shreyash wagh 2013-02-20 12:42
Best for scooter motor servicing bifocal
-2 #6 Aditya K 2012-11-20 15:20
Best College For Science, Which Have Different Department Like Phy, Chem, Maths & Bio.
+3 #5 aish 2012-11-04 12:03
best clg for pol science n geography

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