St. Peters Junior College and Babasaheb Ambedkar Degree College, Vasai

The following two colleges (only with different names) are in one campus:
1. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Science
2. Advocate Gurunath Kulkarni College of Commerce and Management


Located in Vasai West, St. Peters College of Commerce is a 20 minute walk from the railway station. You can also quite easily get a share-rickshaw outside the station and reach college in Rs.6 (it’s standard – don’t even try bargaining). The college is in the middle of a residential area, so there really isn’t much around.



Well it’s quite awful really. The building functions as a school in the morning, and a college in the afternoon. It’s pretty dilapidated, to be honest, and tends to get stuffy. They have a nice little football ground though.


Courses Offered:

Junior College of Science and Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM)
Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)
Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)
B.COM in Accounting & Finance (BAF)
B.COM in Banking & Insurance (BBI)
B.COM in Finance and Management (BFM)
Bachelor of Science (B.Sc)



Most of the professors aren’t really too experienced, but at least they’re friendly, on the bright side. There are a few senior professors, who are pretty cooperative as well. The medium of instruction depends more on the students than the faculty, which is why it normally tends to be Hindi or Marathi.



The college is pretty strict about attendance, especially for BMS. You are expected to maintain at least 75% attendance, failing which parents are called and threats are given. The administration is slightly more lenient with BCom students, but even they should ideally maintain at least 60%.



The general consensus among the students here is that the crowd is really good. But birds of a feather flock together, and just because someone else likes the crowd, doesn’t mean that you will. Most of the students come from the surrounding localities like Virar, Vasai, Nalla Sopara, etc. Although they are no doubt really friendly and can be a lot of fun, you might want to think twice. That being said, life can tend to get cumbersome. Once you’re inside college, it’s difficult to get out, such is the strictness. But students do find time to pursue extra curriculars, and their football team is pretty popular.



Since the college is located in a residential area, there really isn’t too much to do. But students can often be found at SunCity, till someone lodges a complaint and the cops come and drive them away. There’s a Dominos' nearby, but that isn’t a place you can go to everyday, is it?



The canteen is the first thing you see as you enter the campus. It’s nothing to be proud of, mind you. The canteen is a tiny little self-service desk, which is cheaply priced but serves not-so-nice food.



They have a few cultural days, but no festivals really. The college also hosts a local marathon, but that’s about it.



Very, very few students end up getting placed, and those who do have probably maintained untouchable graduation track records, and also have a good rapport with professors. 2-3 companies at best visit the campus.



St Peters Junior College of Commerce and Science;
Babasaheb Ambedkar College of Science, Advocate Gurunath Kulkarni College of Commerce and Management
Diwanman, Near Diwanman Talao
Vasai Road West
Thane- 401202.
Tel: 91-22-2343205



Students are satisfied with the college, but that isn’t saying much. It probably wouldn’t be too easy to adjust here.


0 #4 jitesh parida 2013-06-24 19:21
This is my second year of graduation.
Nice friends, cute n sweet teachers... love to attend lectures... but many times I fail to attend 1st lecture because of irregular timing of ST bus...

Love you St. Peters
-2 #3 SANGITA PARMAR 2012-11-08 14:46
This is my 1st year in degree college of commerce.. I m having fun, studying and enjoying education..
Best of luck for the growth of college campus...
-1 #2 sonali salvi 2012-10-18 21:58
I have been studying here for the past one year and in this college I am enjoying the teaching as well as festivals or events. I really enjoy it here...
+4 #1 Ishu Dhawan 2012-05-14 15:29
Its the best college in the world.. hahahahaha!!

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