Leelavati Awhad Institute of Technology, Management Studies & Research (LAIT), Badlapur


Established in 2010, Leelavati Awhad Institute of Technology is about 4 km from

Badlapur railway station (C. Rail). College buses are provided :-

7:50am for 1st year students and Mechanical branch.

8:50am for EXTC, ETRX and COMP branch from Badlapur station.

Share-autos(Minidor) are also available to reach the college, and they charge only Rs.10.

ST buses are also available at:

9:30, 10:00, 11:00, 11:30, 12:30, 14:00, 16:00, 19:00.

Return after every half an hour from college w.r.t above timings.



The building under construction now is ready for the students.

There are three main buildings all together:-

Main bulding for F.E. & Comps.
Another for Mech.
And the 3rd for ETRX and EXTC.

Interior of college is okay! Class rooms are big! Computer labs are 'awesome', says one student. Mechanical, Computer & Electrical labs are also Excellent. The library is nice and spacious with new sets of books for all the subjects. College is surrounded by trees & mountains, which are pleasing to the eyes. LAIT has a big Campus but its very Sad to see most of it still is like a field more or less. But they are on their verge of improving!



Rs. 73,500/ year



Most of the professors here are 2 to 6 yrs experienced and are very cooperative with every student. Overall all teachers here are good.



Crowd here is decent. However boys greatly outnumber the girls, which is pretty normal in engineering.



It's very strict here.75% attendance is compulsory for the first year otherwise parents are called to the college to warn about their ward's attendance. For the 2nd year it's lenient.(Not for all Branches)



It's located behind the college building. It’s small with very few items on the menu card. Lunch is also available at the break time.But needs to improve a lot!



There are no hangouts near the college except the hills around the college. When students bunk lectures they directly go back home.



One college festival, termed as "SWARAJYA", is held sometime in December or January for past 2 years. Cultural, Indoor & Sports events are all held during this period. There’s good amount of enthusiasm shown by students and a handful of them do actively participate in it.



The first batch has come out this year(2014 ) from which 7-8 students of Computer branch are placed in middle scale companies.


Contact :

Leelavati Awhad Institute of Technology and Management Studies and Research
Opp Gajanan Maharaj Temple,
Kanhor, Badlapur West
Ta. Ambarnath, Dist. Thane - 421503
Maharashtra, India.
Phone: (0251) 2665001,7722013100
Website: http://www.lait.in/


Verdict :

Leelavati Awhad Institute of Technology and Management is still a new college with most of the campus yet to come up and expecting wonders at this stage would only be foolishness. Distance is another deterrent factor for those living in the Western Suburbs and South Mumbai.

Nevertheless it’s an IMPROVING and IMPROVISING College!


+5 #14 Karan Mohite 2014-06-16 22:37
More than 700 students of various branches of Lilavati Avhad Institute of Engineering and Management, Badlapur (Thane), have landed in a soup with their results held up at the university. The reason: Their institute didn't follow the norms laid down by the Directorate of Technical Education (DTE) while admitting students in the first year.

Because the four-year-old institute allegedly didn't abide by rules after repeated reminders, the DTE directed the varsity to withhold results of the students....

(--DNA 9th May)
+5 #13 prathamesh v 2014-04-02 18:31
College is like hell. Don't take admission. No teachers are good for teaching. Students have better knowledge than them. Management is waste. No good food in canteen. no days, no fests nothing...
-8 #12 jay dadarkar 2013-10-14 20:32
I'm in 1st year in LAIT (comp engg)
The staff here is very co-operative and helps us always.
Travelling and canteen is the only fault but can be neglected as we come here to study and work hard and not merely to enjoy life.
The labs are well equipped with required all required materials and machines....
+7 #11 riya36 2013-08-22 22:14
It's a better college. But improvement is very slow that's the only problem with it. Aur agar teachers ki baat kare to kisi engineering collage me bahot achhaa padhate he aisa to kabhi suna nahi hai. Engineering me aaye ho to padhai khud hi karni padegi aur thoda bahot support milta hi hai college ke teachers se... so I hope college improves as early as possible...
-6 #10 Vishal Patwardhan 2012-10-06 15:49
According to me coll is good and teaching is also good.....but they shud improve the infrastructure as there is shortage of class rooms. coz of dat sum of the branch studnt have to sit in the labs for lectures sumtyms library also get turns into lec hall :P

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