Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture and Environmental Studies (KRVIA), Juhu


Kamala Raheja College of Architecture is located in Juhu, right next to the famous Vidyanidhi group of schools. The college is pretty far from Andheri and Vile Parle stations, hence many students prefer travelling by buses as their frequency is upto the mark. Students do travel by trains and it can cost you a fair 25 bucks from Vile Parle Station in rickshaw, which you can manage to share with a couple of friends. So getting to the college is not an issue.



Although the building of Kamala Raheja College of Architecture is nothing special, students are full of praise for the infrastructure. There are no ‘classrooms’ as such, just massive halls where everyone can see everyone and that's exactly the kind of space, future architects would need, isn't it ?
The library is top-grade; students say that it’s one of the best architecture libraries in the city. No part of the college is air-conditioned, but it’s quite well-ventilated (Architectural studies put to work...)



Rs. 88,000 per year



Kamla Raheja is one of the best architecture colleges in Mumbai, and it has a faculty to match its reputation. The professors are highly experienced, and all have Masters degrees from good foreign universities. They communicate well with the students, and the students are thrilled with them.



As is the case in almost any architecture school, attendance is pretty strict. Students are expected to maintain a minimum of 75% attendance, failing which strict action is taken. Very often students get year drops if attendance falls below 60%.



The crowd is pretty good; a decent mix of girls and boys. Although students may be involved in extra-curriculars as well, most of them are quite sincere.



You have the usual hangouts in Juhu, though students tend to spend a hell of a lot of time within college itself. There are a number of coffee shops and restaurants near Juhu beach, and the evergreen Crepe Station is pretty close to the college as well. Students also frequently visit the roadside stalls opposite Mithibai and NM college.



Not something to be very proud of, in short. There is a ‘canteen area’, but there are no tables, few chairs, and not much more. The food isn’t great, and the pricing isn’t reasonable. In spite of that, Raheja-ites love their canteen and spend hours and hours on the floor chit-chatting.



They have festivals every year sometime in December. Though the fests don’t really have a name as such, they are quite popular and well-participated-in.


Performance in NASA:

Kamla Raheja College of Architecture does not take part in NASA.
They may have their reasons for the same, but the college certainly makes up for this. They have an exchange program, as a part of which students are sent to reputed institutes in Norway, Taiwan and China in their 3rd, 4th and 5th years.



There aren’t any official placements, but students desirous of jobs can always apply externally and rest assured that the Kamla Raheja name would help.
Most students prefer pursuing their Masters degree, though.



Kamala Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture and Environmental Studies (KRVIA)
Vidyanidhi Marg, J.V.P.D. Scheme, Vile Parle West,
Mumbai 400049, Maharashtra.
Tel: +91 22 26700918, 2620 0923
Website : www.krvia.ac.in



Excellent college to go to, in spite of the strict attendance system and lack of air-conditioners. Ideally, one of the best architecture colleges in the State.


+2 #2 ANIL DC 2013-11-13 00:33
request all students studying and past students to put in their reviews as it helps parents and budding students alike to ascertain quality of education available in the colleges and helps in taking a decision whether to enroll our wards in this college or not.
+6 #1 sanya1234 2013-07-05 02:51
People I'm a student of 3rd year going to 4th. This college is faraway for ppl not living here, the crowd is sincere but at same time please don't get me wrong all are on drugs & beer & all that stuff... I witnessed that today.. I swear

Please go somewhere else... although faculty rocks but for serious archi studemts... this ain't the place...

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