B.R. Harne College of Engineering & Technology (BRHCET), Vangani


B.R. Harne College of Engineering & Technology is located in a Karav, a very remote place from wherever you live. You have to get off at Vangani station on Kalyan – Karjat line on central railway from where it is 4 kms far. College provides bus service from Vangani station. But they are very crowded, so if you're late and miss a bus be ready to shell out Rs 60 for rickshaw. Students are not happy with this service and feel cheated that even after paying so much for bus service they have to go through all the hardship.



Currently there’s only one building which is ready to be used. However the project is very big, almost 5 times bigger than current building. Infrastructure is new and quite good too. It has been built with special consideration to provide necessary facilities for handicap people. The library is very spacious and is has enough number of books. Labs too are spacious and have all the necessary equipment. Although there are no air conditioners in any room meant for students but classrooms are properly ventilated. Often there are serious power-cut issues in the area. The college has Wifi connectivity, but students are not allowed to access it.

Hostels are provided in the campus itself, but they too are under construction as of now.



Rs 98,000 per year.



While majority of teachers at BR Harne College of Engineering & Technology are not ‘up to the mark’, a few are knowledgeable but lack communication skills. Mechanical branch has slightly better faculty than the rest. Overall students are not really content with the teaching and faculty at hand.



BR Harne College is strict about attendance. 75% for lectures & 100% for practical is expected. Defaulters need to write extra assignments and no mercy is shown in this aspect. Also be prepared to run around during submissions if you don’t want to attend classes. Parents of the student featuring thrice in defaulters’ lists are called to meet vice-principal, which is the strictest of all punishments.



A well-diverse crowd can be expected here. Ranging from highly nerdy to enthusiastic ones, funny and motivating people can be seen here. You take a bet, whom to be friends with. Many of the students come from central, south-central suburbs of Mumbai & Navi Mumbai & not from nearby areas as might be expected. Majority students are from middle-class, semi-urban backgrounds. Sadly the ratio of girls here at B.R. Harne is very poor.



Canteen is very spacious & roomy but there’s lack of proper seating arrangement; hence most student have their food standing. The woman running the canteen is very friendly and will make some food for you even when there is nothing available after college. She treats all the students like her own kids. Food is tasty, hygienic and reasonably priced. What more would you want in life?



Are you kidding? First of all there’s nothing of the sorts where one could hangout near (or far for that matter) the college. And to top that, college authorities won’t let you bunk and roam about in campus. Some say that there’s a river near Vangani Bridge but we’re sure you would rather head straight to home than go there. Life was never this hard!



Only one college festival, very creatively termed as "college-fest", is held sometime in March. Cultural, Technical & Sports events are all held during that. Although there’s good amount of enthusiasm shown by students, it doesn’t turn-out to be a great event due to (mis)management.



First batch is yet to complete the course, hence too early to comment.



Jai Shri Siddhivinayak Foundation's
B. R. Harne College of Engineering & Technology (BRHCET)
Karav, Vangni (W), Tal. - Ambarnath, Dist. Thane - 421503.
Phone: 0251 - 2660108 / 09
Email: jsiddhivinayak@gmail.com
Website: www.brharnecet.org



B.R Harne College is one of those many new colleges that have mushroomed near Karjat & surrounding area. Those students having extremely low score in entrance exams generally opt for it. Or some of them drop idea of doing engineering altogether rather than to do it from colleges of the likes of BR Harne. (The only) good things about this college are its infrastructure & company you’ll get (that depends on your luck). Take a bet for yourselves.


-8 #15 Visbal 2013-09-01 17:18
Just okay; not better
+14 #14 rsFrom Harne 2013-08-31 17:05
3rd tak kaise aaya mujhe pata hai
bekaar college hai
kabhi na aana
-1 #13 karansinghania 2013-08-13 14:27
fees is 98,000 in the year 2013
and it increases by rs 10,000 per year
-1 #12 v.s.93 2013-08-07 19:26
WARNING: they can even give you KTs in the term
work and make you lose one precious year just because of one term work K.T. that too after submitting your files
+7 #11 KRK 2013-07-20 19:55
Pagla hogaye ho kya...Chhoti Ganga bolke Naale me kudoge idhar aaoge toh..

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