SIES Graduate School Of Technology (SIES GST), Nerul


South Indian Education Society's Graduate School of Technology (SIES GST) also known SIES College of Engineering is close to Nerul  railway station (Harbour Rly.) around about 15 min walk or the first meter of the rickshaw.



Since SIES Graduate School of Technology/SIES College of Engineering has recently opened(2002), the infrastructure is decent. Unlike many other engineering colleges, labs are excellent. The campus is also very clean and well maintained.



Rs. 90,560/year



SIES has good faculty. Students understand what they are taught.

Very helpful as well (except some teachers). The faculty in a short span has raised the academic level of the college to be a leader among the similar institutions in Navi Mumbai and is about to catch up with the most leading engineering colleges of the University of Mumbai.



Minimum requirement of  75% has to be fulfilled. Very strict. If the requirement is not fulfilled then papers are to be solved, the number of papers and their length being proportional to the lack of attendance.



A mix of crowd (majority is South Indian, but doesn’t matter).

You’ll find both kinds of people here fun-loving and books-crazy. A very energetic crowd makes the college environment vibrant and active.



SIES has a good canteen. Enough room and nice food. The South Indian is (obviously) really good, but even the 'lunch' is quite tasty.

The downside of the canteen is that it’s common for all the other coursers like MBA, BSc, Commerce, 11th and 12th.



On Campus: Auditorium/Amphitheatre, around the canteen

Off Campus: Malls, some Restaurants

You may find good places in Vashi which is a little far from here.



'Cognition' (Technical Festival) 'Tatvmoksh' (Cultural Festival) are the two festivals of SIES Graduate School Of Technology/SIES College of Engineering



L&T InfoTech, Mumbai, Hexaware Technologies Mumbai, Infosys Technologies, Accenture, NSE IT, Wipro Technologies, Bangalore, Tech Mahindra Ltd., Mahindra British Telecom, Pune and many more.


Minimum Salary offered        1,20,000 p.a.

Maximum Salary offered       3,50,000 p.a.

Average Salary offered         2,25,000 p.a.



SIES Graduate School of Technology,
Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Vidyapuram,
Sector-V, Nerul,
Navi Mumbai – 400 -706.
Phone No: 27716969/27716928.



Overall, a decent college with the only disadvantage for Mumbaikars being its location. A good one though for those who stay close from there or those who don't mind traveling.


-5 #26 siesstudent 2014-01-16 21:50
This college is a good option only for those who can really maintain an attendance of above 70% at least.
Faculty is ok.
Teaching is decent overall.
It doesn't has much to offer to sports enthusiasts.
The college makes its students follow rules strictly.
It's a good college for people staying in Navi Mumbai.
Not worth the travelling for students scoring more than 110 marks in CET.
-8 #25 collegereviewer 2014-01-11 15:05
ATTENDANCE- very strict. Attendance and college timing is an issue. No fun in campus and you will have no fun for 4 years.

TEACHING- overall teaching is ok. Non teaching staff is not so good but you can bear with them. Some teachers are arrogant.

CAMPUS- campus is very small but clean. No excitement in college.

PLACEMENT- no good placements in college. Very few manage to get decent package. Rest get very small salary package while most of them have to find jobs in off campus interviews. So if you have a decent score don't even think of this college. And if you want good placement then stay away from this college.
+16 #24 xyz549284 2013-10-22 17:20
The mechanical faculty is an issue .. not that helpful ... in fact other than a few professors not at all helpful
+37 #23 TRUE GSTian 2013-08-25 22:23
Use of mobile phones is prohibited anywhere in the campus. And if you're caught with mobile in hand, then there's a fine of 5000Rs.
+31 #22 s.s.m 2013-07-17 13:08
SIES is a decent college for a student securing admission through CAP. In upcoming years, it will surely compete some good colleges like Fr. Agnel Vashi, KJ Vidyavihar, Vidyalankar, Vivekanand in aspects like placements, infra.. students over here come through minority. Unlike other colleges don bosco, fr agnel.. minority students (SOUTH-INDIAN) are equipotential..
+28 #21 Rishipal Bhatia 2013-06-09 18:41
1)The placements were an issue in the college a long time ago. If you check the placement records recently, they have improved significantly with salaries >4.5 l.p.a. also being offered.

2)Infrastructure is good. Campus is clean. The non-teaching staff is really friendly and hard-working. For example, there is never a shortage of CROs, spectroscopes, kits and other equipment and the teachers encourage students to fidget with the equipments and learn.

3)Faculty: Sure, the college does have some "not so great" teachers. The senior teachers, however, are the best one can find anywhere. Lectures are worth attending.

4)Attendance: If you're not in any college committee or council, then attendance less than 60% would be a problem for you. Punctuality is expected and demanded.

5) Many events are organised here and most of them are a result of students' efforts. There's a seminar on some topic (of students' choice) by some reputed speaker once in almost every 2-3 weeks!

6)Crowd: One of the most important factor is that the crowd here has very diverse interests. Singing, dancing, reading, travelling, etc.. you'll always find someone practising some art form in some corner of the college corridors. There are some very studious guys and a few are also among university rankers. Students here are very enterprising.
+14 #20 Tejas Nair 2013-02-18 21:38
The canteen timing is a curse. Infra is top class, audis are very good, faculty is impeccable. Chicks are hot and yes, people are jovial. Overall, 8/10.
And yes, attendance is like if you have above 80%, you get 5 marks and if above 75, 4 marks and so on!
+22 #19 david jones 2012-11-25 22:52
Some faculties here are either crack or have just come for money. If somebody is good then it is the office staff. Otherwise it depends on mood of these teachers.
0 #18 BACK BENCHERS, SIES 2012-11-19 14:40
This is one of the flop colleges in Nerul. The students suffers a lot in the matter of attendance. Also the good professors have left the college. The Quality of the crowd is also degrading because of minority and institute level Quota. this college is only trying to follow the foot prints of FR.Agnel vashi. This college is trying to possess that only they have best and Quality students but the truth is that every year the duffers pass out from here
+30 #17 SIES ROCKS 2012-10-02 20:39
The Best college you will find in Navi Mumbai!
Crowd is best! Campus is very clean and big. only 1 flaw, no play ground!
Most Teachers are good!
Excellent labs! and all those here talking about attendance, it is 75%, which is common in all colleges!
festivals are nice.
Mechanical Engineering is also available here since 2 years New machinery and Equipment! Minority cutoffs are also high, so assurance of good public! Big canteen with almost every food!
Ultimately, an Ideal college!
If you don't believe me, Go to the college and see yourself!

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