BMS School of Architecture (BMSSA), Yelahanka


BMS School of Architecture (BMSSA) is located on Doddaballapur Road in a distant & sparsely populated area called Avalahalli somewhere in Far-North Bangalore. It would take nearly an hour and a half to reach the college from central Bangalore. Bangalore’s awesome BMTC bus service spreads out its arm even up to this area providing buses every 10 minutes. The college bus network is pretty impressive as well and loads of students readily utilise it.



The BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT) campus which also hosts the School of Architecture (BMSSA) stretches over an enormous area. The grand entrance to the campus is as big as the width of five trucks. The insides of the building are breathtaking - classrooms, labs, elevators, restrooms everything. However, students feel that the campus isn’t very big (neither is it small) and although there are some sporting facilities as well, they need to be better.

Hostels are magnificent as well. Tidily furnished rooms comfortably accommodate 2 persons. Charges for the hostels are about Rs. 51,000/- per year including mess food which is said to be exceptionally good, unlike any other Engineering College in Bangalore.



Rs. 33,090/- per year



BMS School of Architecture (BMSSA) is said to have experienced and highly qualified faculty. Senior professors with more than 15 years of teaching experience take most of the lectures.



Not an issue at BMSSA. Anything above 70% is excellent and a further 5-10% relaxation is allowed on medical grounds. So it’s not all that stressful.



Not as good as BMSCE, but easily surpassing at least a dozen other engineering colleges in Bangalore. About 50% students come from North India and just like other architecture colleges, it’s dominated by girls.



The canteen is not sufficiently big to shelter more than 40-50 students simultaneously and its shared with the engineering college. It turns into a battlefield during lunch hours, when you have to literally fight for a seat. Sometimes you really wonder why this happens even when food is so unappetizing.



Try exploring! We just managed to find one: ‘Balaji Bar’



A techno-cultural festival called “Utsaha” organized by the engineering college, is celebrated in April every year at the BMS Institute of Technology (BMSIT) campus. It’s put up as an inter college and intra college festival alternately each year. There’s no separate architecture fest.


Performance in NASA:

BMS School of Architecture has been recently started and there have been few instances of its participation in NASA yet. However, the college is said to be very student-friendly and supportive, so expectations are high... let’s wait and watch.



BMS School of Architecture (BMSSA),
Post No. 6334, Avalahalli, Doddaballapur Road,
Yelahanka, Bangalore - 560064
Phone: 080-28561576



BMS School of Architecture (BMSSA) though a newly established institute is soon to be considered one of the better architecture colleges in Bangalore. For now, it would crop up somewhere in the latter half of architecture colleges in Bangalore.

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