M.E.S. Pillai’s Institute Of Information Technology (PIIT), New Panvel, Navi Mumbai


Located conveniently close to Panvel Railway Station, Pillai’s Institute of Information Technlogy (PIIT) is a cool 10 minute walk from the tracks. If you wish to save even more time, and spend some more money, you could take a rickshaw which would get you there in not more than a couple of minutes.



One massive plus point about M.E.S. Pillai’s Institute Of Information Technology (PIIT) is its Massive campus, which is surprisingly clean by engineering college standards. The washrooms are NOT cramped and do NOT smell like a fart bomb. All in all, it’s a nice environment to study (or not study) in.



BTech Fee: Rs. 90,000/year

MTech Fee: Rs. 1.1L per year



The placements hadn't been impressive till recently but they've shown some improvement in last couple of years. The college manages to place close to 50% of the students with decent salaries. Of course, those who DO get placed are pretty happy, with companies like Accenture offering acceptable salaries of 3.2 lac per annum.

  • Minimum salary:  Rs. 2.16 lac p.a.
  • Average salary:   Rs. 3.12 lac p.a.
  • Maximum salary: Rs. 3.84 lac p.a.


Faculty :

The faculty at M.E.S. Pillai’s Institute Of Information Technology (PIIT) is really good for a college on the outskirts of the city, with the students and teachers sharing a good rapport. The mechanical department faculty, it seems, is one of the best in (well not technically, but anyway) Mumbai.



Attendance is not really an issue, with 40-50% guaranteeing safety.



The crowd isn’t too bad either- there’s a healthy girl-boy ratio, and the overall feedback is ‘chilled out’. Quite a few students from nearby villages, though. Due to linguistic minority quota, you can expect a lot of Malayalam speaking students.



The canteen at M.E.S. Pillai’s Institute Of Information Technology (PIIT) is of an acceptable standard, with edible and more importantly, affordable, food.



A major issue here is the hangouts, or rather the lack of them. Most people end up driving to Karnala or Lonavala, both of which are half an hour away. Chilling at Kharghar is an option too, but there’s not a hell of a lot to do there either.



PIIT hosts their festivals Impulse and Kryptogram around February or March, with the cultural fest happening intermittently.


Contact Address:

M.E.S. Pillai’s Institute of Information Technology (PIIT),
Sector -  16, New Panvel.
Navi Mumbai—410 206.
Tel: 2745 6100 / 1700 ; Fax: 2748 3208
Website: www.piit.ac.in



Not a bad college at all, if you live close to it. “TP karke B.E. banna hai toh aa jaana” says one of their students.


+4 #37 JIGNESH jadhav 2013-12-29 13:23
The main college festival here is Alegria which is surprisingly the most awaited college festival in Navi Mumbai... and the average salary offered has also increased to 4.5 lakhs p.a. In short a great college and very good faculties which will make you study and when the fun is on the cards they will enjoy with the students.. a nice option for doing engg over here...
-1 #36 Jignesh Jadhav 2013-11-19 12:02
A very good college. Chemistry prof is a gem of a person. Canteen is awesome. Engg girls are not as good as compared to BMS or BArch but college is very good and the best in Navi Mumbai.
-2 #35 Nasin 2013-11-12 17:49
Nice college.. 1st year attend 65% compulsory.. 50%-65% hoga toh 3 assignment likhne padte hai which is not a big deal. Teachers are very good and friendly except a few.
+7 #34 Nishikant k. 2013-11-06 12:18
Very good college for Mechanical Engineering. With supportive staff. Very clean and tidy, well disciplined, the library is so awesome, that apart from academic books, they've even kept novels for the students to read. International Visits and student exchange program!
According to me its the best college in Navi Mumbai...!
Vasu bhai.....Jindab ad.....!
+3 #33 nairpiit 2013-09-03 17:34
75% attendance is must ..no saturday off
+21 #32 vnair 2013-09-01 14:24
I respect the college... but not teachers... they teach less and ask more questions... 75% attendance is must (at least for the 1st year).. plenty of assignments are given and expected to give on time... practical is also like a test where you don't do practical rather in a manual you write ans which but obviously you don't know and we end up with "0"
Now who dislikes this means they are not in engg.. it's my own experience which is very true...
+40 #31 @@@@@ 2013-06-19 20:08
Good college as compared to colleges near by it. Also now it is 2nd best college in Mumbai for Mecanical Engineering.
-43 #30 tino 2013-06-19 14:53
MAN!!! This website is awesome.. thanks all people for the reviews.. saved me from going here....
-35 #29 anon 2013-06-07 14:20
Bakwass colg hai... Only for Mallus it is little good
+27 #28 iamredjohn!!! 2012-10-18 02:08
Engineering at PIIT

Pros: 1. Leniency with attendance 2. chilled out atmosphere
Cons: 1. Quality of education = Not great
2. Fees increases with each batch -93,000, seriously? for this college? Yet No centralized A/C
3. Lecturers are mostly ME students
4. It's in PANVEL!!!
5. Poor Management

Verdict: DO NOT JOIN FOR ENGINEERING unless you want to do time pass and spend your money away then by all means

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