Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering (LTCoE), Koparkhairane


Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering (LTCE) is located a cool 5 minutes walk from the brilliantly named Koparkhairane railway station on the trans-harbour route.



This is probably the college’s USP. Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering (LTCE) has a really good infrastructure, with well maintained classrooms and, more importantly, washrooms. The labs are clean and well-equipped too. To top it all, they have a Massive campus, with basketball and badminton courts, a full-size football ground and other indoor sports like table tennis and carrom. However, lots of parts of the campus are still under construction and students face a plethora of problems currently.



BTech Fee: Rs. 90,000/ year
It might seem a bit steep for a college in the middle of nowhere, but the infrastructure probably makes it worth it.

MTech Fee: Rs. 95,000/year




In 2010 there were 26 companies visiting the campus and placing approx. 166 students.

2009 was a bad year, with almost NO placements, but otherwise about 75% of people do get placed comfortably. Larsen and Toubro is one of the major hirers. Average salary is about 3 lac p.a.



Another plus point. The faculty at Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering is experienced and quite qualified. They could probably give you a couple of KT’s if you get into their bad books, but that’s the case in most places. The mechanical faculty is supposed to be excellent, but the telecom faculty seems to have really deteriorated and is said to be pretty awful now.



They’re a bit strict here. A letter is sent to parents if your attendance falls short of 75%. There have also been extreme cases where students having below 25% have been detained.



Like most colleges in the outskirts, Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering (LTCE) doesn’t exactly attract the best crowd. While its not bad, the majority of people come from Vashi, Thane and Koparkhairane. It’s a fairly mixed crowd though. Acceptable.



The food is not bad. Its sufficiently hot and most things are edible. Hygiene isn’t great, but that really shouldn’t be of much concern for engineering students.



In a word, none.



The cultural festival of Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering, 'Zephyr', is hosted sometime in March, and the technical festival 'Techzephyr' is hosted around September.



Lokmanya Tilak College of Engineering (LTCE)
Sector 4, Vikas Nagar, Koparkhairane,
Navi Mumbai-400 709.
Telephone nos : (022) 27541005, 27541006, 27547787
Website : www.ltce.ltjss.net



An amazing infrastructure does not make an amazing college.


+13 #27 Aditya 2014-06-19 13:26
Probably the only college in India which charges you a ludicrous 500 bucks for issuing an ID card. I am repenting to this day for joining this college. Well to put it in few words, it is more of a 'money laundering scheme' and less of a college.
+4 #26 ltce 2014-03-18 17:55
Faculties are really good and inspiring... improvement is needed is canteen sitting arrangement is required.... people interested in mechanical especially automibile should join SAE...
+11 #25 Sa53 2014-03-18 10:57
This college is going to be closed.
+22 #24 Akash Dvd 2014-01-16 10:41
Hi all, I'm Akash... I study in this college... This is the worst college of engg I have ever seen in Maharashtra... it does not have proper washrooms and fans does not work... and you can't identify whether it's Gents or Ladies Toilet... it does has not have gymkhanna, playground... college only puts money in pocket... it does not have facility at all...
+18 #23 LoVe MiScOnCePtIoN 2014-01-04 12:16
The college has canteen but there is no seating arrangement, the college has lift but none of them are working, so many washrooms but none of them are cleaned and maintained, NO GROUND, NO SPORTS ROOM and we have to PAY Rs 1,13,000 for such nonsense.
+28 #22 MANISH VARMA 2013-11-21 23:54
1,00,000+ fees, No Gymkhana, No ground, Non-hygenic canteen, None of the lift works except exam time, college takes money for gymkhana + college i-cards and so on, doesn't issues cards and there isn't any gymkhana at all... None of the equipments of the labs work... EXTC is worst... This college is only money making collge...
-12 #21 arjun, somvanshi 2013-11-06 20:07
Mechanical Engineering department is best here and some even say that its better compared to Datta Meghe and Father Angel.
-37 #20 niel-surve 2013-09-14 11:39
Really awesome college. Superb infrastructure, experienced faculty, well equipped labs, a massive library and even placements above 75%!! What more we require? It is surely a competing college for KJ Somaiya, Vidyalankar, Vivekanand, etc.
+35 #19 Manoj 2013-08-23 09:08
Fees are high... no other colleges has this much fees especialy in SE... approx 1,13,000... poor facilities....
no gymkhana.... no ground.... poor canteen.... all fests are dumb.... only students of mech should join this college...
EXTC is worst....
-25 #18 mechLTCOE 2013-07-07 18:51
Mechanical profs are best, don't know about other branch! If you are interested in automobile, join SAE in our college they are expert in making faulty cars.

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