University School of Architecture and Planning (USAP), Kashmere Gate


The college is located in the IPU's erstwhile campus at the Kashmiri Gate. The place is quite accessible from other parts of Delhi. The nearest metro is the Kashmiri Gate station, you can walk it up but most of the students prefer hiring a rickshaw. The college is located in a somewhat market area but there are no stationery shops nearby. Location can pass off as a good one.



The college borrows its infrastructure from the erstwhile TVB college. Since some colleges in the campus have shut(or shifted to the new Dwarka campus), USAP has been taking over some of those parts also resulting its infrastructure to be quite big. The studios are quite big. The college also has a library which is appreciated by the students. The college shares its campus with the engineering and media colleges. There is a basketball court on campus always filled with students showing their sports skill. The lawn in the centre of the campus adds aesthetic value to the campus.



Rs 53,000 per year.



Most of the faculty comprises some of the good architects. Most of them are visiting and a very permanent. The faculty maintains a friendly relation with the students. Students have no complains against them.
One of the faculty is from z-axis architect firm. The pride of the college is a faculty who is a representative of Delhi heritage.



Students don't usually bunk. Students keep a good attendance in order to learn and not like other courses where attendance is just for marks.



The crowd is decent from what our team concluded. Most of the students are coming from NCR. Seniors enjoy a good rapport with the juniors. One of the tempting fact for the boys is that there are twice the number of girls as many the number of boys.



Kamla Nagar, Hauz Khas and Connaught Place (CP) are a few places where the students tend to go due to various well known outlets of some of the multi national companies.
Peculiar it may sound, some of the students visit the monuments (of course to study their architecture and styling) rather than chilling in some of the common hangouts. RESPECT.



The canteen is very bad. Something which has been a unanimous view. The HPMC stall run by Chuabeji is liked by the students, although it has quite a few things to offer but it a better alternative. Students love the chola bhatura available outside the college more than anything.



USAP is a new college and hasn't yet had any festival yet.


Performance in NASA:

USAP has just become a member of the NASA. The TVB has had a good record at NASA.



Hardly any, faculties have their own firms and if you are able to impress you them by during the years of your course, then you will receive your offer letter from them itself.



University School of Architecture & Planning
Gobind Singh Indraprastha University,
Kashmere Gate, Delhi-110006.
Phone: +91-11-23900175, 23900129
Website :



New college, as it is in its development stage, nothing much can be said, but you can always expect it to improve with time.

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